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Ally's Lil' Princesses

No Drama!! Just what it says. I don't think dolling is a competition or a battle to be won! Immaturity breeds evil. If you wish you participate in this site, please respect the rights, talents, and feelings of others. Just go in and have fun.. please be mature! Be Honest!! Please do not direct-link from this site, as it will result in it being shut down! Please be honest, if you use something from this site (dollz/dollmakerz), please provide a link or notation back to ALP. Be Informed!! There is a lot going on with this site. Please see FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS- FAQ *~Comming Soon~* and the RULES - *~Comming Soon~* when participating in this site. It is best to know HOW to save dollz, HOW to make them in the dollmakerz and QUALIFICATIONS for submitting items to me. I do not answer emails that ask questions already answered on this site. Be You!! Again..what it says. Don't be afraid to express yourself or your opinions, as long as they are profanity-free. No cusswords, please. If you have an opinion about what you'd like to see on this site, or what should be improved, please feel free to let me know in a polite and calm manner. Be Known!! Leave your mark geographically and verbally! It's exciting to know who, from around the world, has stopped by to say hi! SIGN THE GUESTMAP!

*~Comming Soon~*

*~FAQ Section~*