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Yeusky starched out in a leshrly way. Out side of his matters old dojo, he was feeling at rest. He had just fineshed perparing Saras room. Sara was his little sister. His mom had adapted her affter her parents died. He had been friends with her cense they were kids. That dark tournament had just settled down. He was excited about her coming. He hadíent told the others, but then again he was the only one beside Kako and Kuabra that lived there. They both knew her and that she was comeing dew to weekly phone calls. He siled, he looked forwerd to here her ruckus again.

A 13 year old got off the train from tokyo. Then she saw a short man in black and a young man in wight shirt and light yellow paints. " I wonder what heís so round up about. Its not like Yuskay to get so wound up about any thing." the wight shirted man had a calm voice. And a steady gaze. " heís cute, and he knows my bro. Score."

Kurama and heih were coming from the other side of town. Heaih came to walk with Kurama. He got lonely some times. All of a sudden he felt a precens behind them, he turnd to look, but to only see and empty place. He shrugged it off and contiued on his way.

Sara arived at the steps a head of the to men. She waited to see him befor meeting this new guy, he made her stomach feel funny. A warm, quizzy feeling that she got when ever she thou anout him and she didnít want to think about it. She ran up the steeps and went in to her brothers arms when she saw him. " I missed you, tons and tons.". she hurd steeps, then she went and hid in the shadows in the hall.

Yuskay was a bit confused till heay and Kurama came over the hill " oh I get it" Yuskay laffed to him self as they approached. " whatís so funny, you finely lost it?" heiai was in a short mood. (Hehe, short mood) " nothing, hay Iím glad you guys are here. I wanted to..." " ah what a cute cat" Yuskay had a sinking feeling. If Sara didnít want to be seen, on of her more odd powers was the ablaty to transform into a cat. And if Kako liked her like that, well they would be seeing her human form for a wile. Sara loved Kako and really liked to see her happy.

Sara was in Kakoís lap when the others got there, She was looking really smug. Yuskay sied, he would never get her back. When kurama enterd the room, Sara jump from kakos lap to his sholders. And hid her face from him.

Yuskay turnd her face tord him and she put on her beast cat act. " oh thats a really cute cat" the guy with red hair reched out and touched Sara on the head. Sara went stiff. " oh whats wrong" The guy with red hair picked Sara off yuskays sholders and help her clous to his chest. Yuskay laffed behind his hand at the look on her felin Face. She looked like she was going to have a seger. " I just got her today. Now that I think about it, she needs a vet cheek so I gess Iíll tack her. " Slowly he took his little sister/cat from him.

" who was that"? Sara was tacking to him via mind link. " heís Kurama Iím shur I told you about him in one of my letters." " you never said he was gorjes" " oh come on sis, heís not that good looking". " Sara looked at him like he was nuts. He was the most perfect man she had ever seen. And his voice was something out of a fairy tail. " hay Sara, in about a week, do you want to dich the Cat and be your self. Pleas. It would mack my life a lot easier." " ok, Iíll get to know and be conefrtbel sround him. I hope, it would make things easer..."

she finished the sentence muttering. Yuskay took her insied the houes. As he set her down in her room, she transfromed into her normel self. " I hope that.....he . . ." as she finshed the sentens, her eyes cloused and begain to breath deeply. " night sis, Iím sher he will love you. I can see it already. But Iím not sher Iím ready to let him."

The next day, Sara transform before she got out the door. She wanted to exspor, and it was a school day. Knowing her brother, he would never let her go out alon. Then again, she never said she was going alone. She planed to go with Kurama, and that was some thing she knew that her brother would have a fit about.

She punced on him as he was going out the door. He looked at bit suprizedm but he ran with it. " want a toer, huh" she nodded. As he wacked out the door Sara sat her head on his sholder, this was going to be fun.