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Promis of darkness

a little 6 year old girl played in a pool of sun light. Her robs marked her as a meber of the role famly with the roues dragon. As she set another blok on her pile, an old women came thou the doors. The mark on her rob marked her as the princess caer tacker and she came to her tendont in a state of panic. “ lady Sareyah, Pleas, you must come with me, the cassel is under attack.” The young girl looked at her with calm eye’s. “don’t worry Nana, the gards can tack care off...” the girl couldn’t get finished with her sentence when the old women flung her out of the way, getting stabbed with spins that had just come thou the wall. The blood splattered the floor as it oozed from the wounds. “Pleas Lady, run...... Run” the girl Ran, as fast and as hard a she could. Her feet pounded on the floor as she tried to get away from her pursuer. As she reched the end of the hall, her face flooed with relife as soon as she saw her mother. She hit the tile as her mother thou a spell at the Demon behind her. She felt the heat on her back as it washed over her like a wave.

The sean swirled and shifted. This time, her mother was in a bed. The girl was 11 and was holding her mothers hand as she began to drift to the other side. Slowly, with eye’s hafe open, her mother began to whisper words the girl would never forget, silence by the dream. At the end of the bed, was a wight haired boy. His head was bowed in respect for the mother. His legs trebling in wanting to be able to confurt the girl. Slowly the hand feel and the gril scrmd. At that same moument, the same girl awouk from the night maer of her mothers death, then she bent her head and wept.

Sareyah Neitera Srithery awoke in a sweat, that was the 4 time she had that drame this month. The tears were coming down in a procikabel down fall and she was trying to wipe her teras when a wight haired boy came in. 13 in the dream, now 15. His hair was in the style of newly awaok, sloshed over his head. “ Sara, you ok. You look horabel” “ hay look who’s tacking mister ‘I have a storm on my head” the the Boy looked dumfound till he saw the swet soked sheets and wet face of his adopted sister. He smiled gently as he wasked to her sied, his tound uperbody flexed as he sat on the edge of her bed. He encircled her in his arms and whispered confurt into her ears. Sara snugged against his chest and sied. “It ws that dream again, wasn’t it?” when she nodded, he set his head on hers. “ I know you miss your mom, I do to. She was a amusing women, and she loved you.” “ I know. Thanks brother. What would I do with out you.” “You don’t have to find that out, now go back to sleep”. Sara lyed down and Nick pulled the covers around her chin. Then sat in a chair across the room. “ I’ll stay here till you go to sleep, ok?” “ ok, thank you.” He smiled gently, “its ok, now sleep” she sut her eyes and was soon brething deeply.

Chapter one: when things get messy and crushes form.

Sara awaouk to a rumbling hunger in her stomach. To her relief, she realized that it was saturday. Last nights draining was not settled yet, not even in sleep. Sara stretched and got out of bed. Dragged on her clous and went down the starts. Talca was in the kitchen making brectfist. Talca had been one of Sara’s friend seens she was little. So when Sara moved into a large house in the woods, she came along to mack sher that she took care of her self. Sara was shur she also wanted to be with Nick, but she knew better than Saying so. Taly had a temper and was the boss of the house. Nether her or her brother had the guts to go against her.

“Good morning Sara, I herd about your dear. Do you want to tack about it?” her soft voice was dripping with baby sympathy, Sara choked back the urge to thou up. “ no, I’m fine. Really Taly I’m fine. What’s for breakfast I’m starving.” Taly smiled gently and said “ toast and eggs. I can mack you some ham.” “ that would be good, I’m in the mood to traer into something.” Taly when to the stove and started to cook the ham. When it was about half way done, Nick came in. He was sweaty ,and Sara guess stiff from Falling asleep in the chair as he always did. Nick looked at the pan then his sisters pale face. Sara smiled and chewed on her toast. “I don’t you have any thing for me?” he asked “ yes, toast” “any thing eals” “no” “ your nice. Or is that you PMS... OWWW” Sara was very glad he had been standing in an open door other wise that back bend would have really hurt.

“Ow that stupid amazon.” her bother was rubbing his shoulder as Sara was getting her eggs. “Oh come on, its not that bad.” nick got a weird look on his face then it diapered when his sister trued to look at him with the ham looking like a pigs make. He begain to lafe as Taly pulled it away from Sara and put it back on the plate. “ you are not an animal” “ oh really, that depends on who view point your tacking about.” when Taly looked pissed Sara decided it was her time to leave. She was going to need all the time she could get. “ well I’m gone.” Taly smiled over her shoulder, as her hands were biezy put Nick in a head lock.

Sara smiled as she went out the door into the garage. There, all ready to go, was Ahtheo. Her shofer from work from home and vise versa. Being 13 had its down, she was supposed to be in school. But 6 degrees before her 11 birth day, had made it so she did not have to. But the other bad thing was that she could not have a normal job. Once again her abnormality came in handy. She was a demon slayer. And she did her job well. She loved killing the things that took the reast of her famely so clous to her.....

Her trin of thou was intupted by the bumps up to the cub of her maternel adpted unkel. He had teken the role after she had gone to the main houes. At least thats what she knew to be true. As she waked in, she saw the mess and sied, her unkel was a pack rat to the worst. He nerver thou out any thing, exspesly if it was mettel. “ took you long enof. I’v already got your first assmint of the day.”Sara smiled. “ good I need to hurt some thing.”

Her unkel, Mesesh, pushed his green locks out of his face and started to clki on his key bord. “ this is you first guy.” a picsher of a man slug apperd on the screen. Like a manitor, his lower body was that of a slug. But his upper body was that of a 20 year old musition. To bad, he was kind cute if you iggrord the hard wear on the sied of his face. “ he has been kidnaping yong girls to feed on. He must be killed there no other way.” “Why do you always try to mack me feel good about a job? If he doesn’t die then I don’t get paid and don’t put food on the table its as simple as that. No pretty side lines. Keep it simple. I kill him, its as simple as that.” her uncle looked at her with sad eye’s. “I’m sorry you feel that way, Ray”. The incoming massage popped up. “Well I’m gone” with another beep form his e-mail, she was gone. Mesesh pushed his hand thou his hair and he pulled out a picsher of his sister and Sara. The (at the time) yong gril was giveing her uncel in amrika a big peace sign. He sied, “ you know sis, she’s becoming as cold as you were when you were 18, and her brother is as over protective as I was. Man I haven’t seen this many cuss word sens I sent my first e-mail top your boss. He’s not going to like this next assmint. He opened up the next e-mail and his eyes darkened against the glow of the computer, “and I think its going to kill her spirte as well, if I know the trueth.”

Sara came apon the slugs hid out. The crumbling bricks and the climbing gave it a spooky feel against the darkening sky. The air was thick and she hoped this would be done before it began to rain. She slowly waked in, quit awer of her unsrten sroundings, the dank air smelled of meat, and raot. Sara chanted a bref light spell under her breath. The erai light ilumanted cocoons that decorated the walls. Insid them were the kidnaped girls. Sara recognized some from tv. She now feet one anger and detrmanashon to get this guy down.

Sara hurd a sliping sound behind her, a cobnashon of a snak and a wet rag being draged. Sara lised and waited for the sound to get right behind her. Then ducuted and stabed the slug-man right were his tow sieds met. She pulled her dagger fromm the flash and jumped to the side before rolling to the left into a crouch about 3 metters away. The slug hunched over in pain, shooting a ugly look over her shoulder. “ you know I would have invited you into one of my lovely cocoons but I don’t think you deserve it any more.” his voice was just as slimy ashe was. And that was saying some thing. “ you know, your right, so why don’t you just die now” Sara leped and spun. With that movement she cut the things arm off. He howled but could not move. “Hahaha, you can’t even move. I bet you snuck up on the girls and knocked them out.” He hiss, “ is that all you can say? Well then I guess its your time to die.” Sara raised her dagger then with a flash, a fire grew within the blade. That power maed the blad grow, slowly becoming a full length saber. She lifted it above her head. “ you know, I’m doing the world a favor, I hate slugs.” and with that, she seported the slightly attractive head form the hideous body.

Sara relised the grils from the cocoons the slowly sliped a black liily behind each of theres ears. It srved the pupes of removng threr memorys of captivaty.

Sara slowly waked up to the computer were her uncle sat. “ its done. He dead. And the girls have no memory of what happened.” “ good job, your next mission will start tomorrow. Your going to tack a trip. Your mission is to locate the ‘crystal cross’ it’s a vaubel artifact. Your brother and the rest of his former set have tried but failed. If you find it you keep it. Come back after 5 weeks have past.” “Yes uncle.” she waked out and got into the awaiting car.

Mesesh put his head in his hand. Tears begin to hit the floor. His pain for what he had just done to his niace was floowing over him like a torrent. He feel to his knees. “ Sara forgive me. Oh pes forgive me. It’s the only way. I’m sorry, so sorry. It’s the only way.,” he hunched over and begain to sob. It was the only way she would ever find her slef. Thou killing part of her sole, was the only way to find the other half of it.

Sara was deep in thou as the car bumped up the dive way. Uncle had been unusually short. Could there be some thing to this? She shook the thou and got out of the car. “ thank you.” she waved good by then jumped up the steeps. She waked in and yelled her ueshiwel greeting to the house. She ran in to the living room and hoped on the couch were her brother was sitting. Hay bro, I have got some queschons to ask.” she seemed eager and excited about something. “ shoot” “ well I have an assmint that you failed at and I want to know what you found out.” Nick knew exactly what she was tacking about. He had only fail once. “ well I know that there is a small village right in the center of were the crystal cross is siaed to be located. You can stay there. The locels are a bunch of hard asses so try not to cause any trouble. Oh and be really respectful of the Homen. That’s there leder, oh and look around in moer places then the villige. Its not there. We looked.” Sara smiled, she was glad she wqasent bitter about not haveing fund it. She hoped that she could bring it home for him. She knew he would love to see it.

She slung her bag over her sholder. The night had gone by with out event. Now she was going to the midlle of no were to find some thign that had never even clous to being found. Sara smiled, she loved a chaleng.

She went down the steps and into the forest. This was were uncle had said she would find it. She was tried from the trip so she went to find the village. As she waked in, she felt an air of depresshtion. Even the children playing were a bit sad. Almoust as soon as she got in, a yong man dressed in a gray rode and mask desnted on her. “ why are you here?” Sara was perpard from this recepshon.. “ I am here for the cristel cross. I wish to stay here over the drashon of my serch of 8 weeks.” the yong man regarted her with reserv. “ vaery well, you must meet the Homen. Ples come with me.” he trund and waked in larg sweeping steeps. Sara had to almoust run to keep up with him.

Sara was led into a dark, cold room. She was instructed to sit in a small mettle chair. She sat down, the mettle was cold and she shifted often to keep her butt from getting num. After about 5 minets or so, a small boy came into the room. At frist she was woudering waht was going on. Then a strong, overwelming peresence siad that this was th homen. And that she musst be carfull of what she said. “ you want to stay here, as a base for your surch, am I coret.” “ yes, I would be moer than willing to work for my brod. I can fame fairly well.” he study her for a moument then with a streds sigh, he said. “ very well. You can have the hut on the eage of the vilge. You mack and harvest your own food unless some one gives you some thing, then you are gratefull. Do you understand.” “ yes sir. Thank you sir.” the boy looked surpirsed with the respct she showed him. “ you may go” Sara left.

Sara waked up to the hut and was a bit shooked at the simplisaty. Sara decited she would mack any neceasy repars tomarow. For at the time, she could barly keep her eyes open. She removed a blanket frm her bag and layed on the flood. Putting her bag underneath her head and went to sleep almost imdetly.

Sara awoke the next day with a head ake. “ ugh, I must have slept on some thing wrong.” she got up and stretched. She remberd her vowe to fixe the problem’s with the house. She went around and got the things she need frm the stores. The people there were helpful and a bit surprised. Sara shook it off, it wasn’t unushiel for people to be a bit scard to her out going adtued. She got back to her tempory home. She got on the roof and began to pach. After about an hours, she looked up. Out a bit, in the fields was a yong girl. Not much younger then her self, doing work out in a field. The grill was braking her back. Sara got off the roof and jogged over to the feild. “ hay, don’t they have laws about child labor?” Sara was a bit amused. The girl looked shocked. “ here let he give you a hand. It’s the least I can do. For everything that your people are doing for me.” she picked up another hoe and began to work along side the girl. At the end. It was about 7 pm and there were both spent. “ thank you” the yong girl looked at her with thankful eyes. “ hay don’t worry about it. I’m glad to help.” you want to come over for dinner. I have extra.” the girl looked at her and nodded. The went to her house and ate the left overs of her road lunch.

And that’s the way Sara’s days went. Doing things around the village and hunting. Till about half way thou her stay, the people that she help began to bring her food. Slowly she got to know all the people in the village. Even the Homen began to love her. It was like one big family. 10 days were left to her stay, and every one was smiling. It made her happy. To bad she didn’t have any leads. She went looking for half the day, then just came back to people that were always smiling faces that were always happy to see her. It made her happy, that they were happy. On her last day in town they thru a party for her. They were all smiling but there faces were a bit watered down.

After the party the homen invited every one into his house. Every one was telling her how she had changed there lives. Then when evrything had diead down the yong boy came out on to the pourch. Very one cheerd. Now that they were all together, Sara notised that they all had the same colerd eye’s. a deep red coler. It was a pritty red, but it creeped Sara out. The moust red, was Homen. A beep red coler. Deep red, the coler of blood. He made eye contakt as he waked up. And said in an almoust childish voice (which Sara thou was imopossibel for him) “I’m doing this for you. I love you.” Sara was shocked, she felt a bit odd being spoken to like that. Was she his first love. she looked at him and he looked sad. “ my dad loved my mom, she gave his hart to her.” Sara smiled “thats good right?” “yes, but he died and she left” “oh I’m sorry” “ he looked at her with thous butifull eyes “ I’m going to give my hart to you.” She was flattered. And yet for some reson, when he was on the platfor in the middel of the room, her body whent cold.

As soon as he steped up the room became quite and Sara became awer of the fact she coundnt move. “ my frinds, tonight we say good buy, not to only a frind but to alife that has toched us all. I hope that you agree with my dissishon to give her the thing that she has surched for so hard, and yet never long enof to mack us feel sad.” Every one in the room nodded and knelt. Sara was shooked. Then the boy raised his sword.

He started with just a slash, one head came off, then moer and moer blood coverd the floor the yong boy killed moer and more people. The blood coverd the floor. Sara wanted to move, wanted to stop him, buy the fact that she couldn’t move didn’t help a thing. The blood coverd the wall and by the time she could move the boy had killed every one eals, and truned the blad on him self. Only then did Sara find the will to move her legs. She ran over to him and tryed to cover the wound as beast as she could “ don’t......Bother.......I’” “Don’t talk your wound will repoen.” the small boy smilled.” I want to give you our hart. You never asked what macked me the real name is Lee, by the way ” Sara blinked away the tears and didnt speek. “its this” in the boys hand was a cross about the size of his fist. It was made of cristel. “ the cristel cross?” “ yes, it lived in the harts of the people of the villeg. They are only shards. The Homen has the hart of the cross. “Thats what I meant by my father gave my mother his hart. The cross grew in him as he loved her. And when I was 6.............. he gave the cross to her................... And she ran away........I don’t know mother......ever..found....happyness.......but I want you to.......Sara.....I love” and with that, his hand fell form hers.

Sara began to cry, the bodies still around her, she was covered in the blood of the people she had come to love. She went to the corner, carrying Lee’s body she sat in the corner and cryed her self to sleep.

She was awoken by the pick up car. She was still mhholding him when she wakled out. The driver paniked when he saw the blood on her face and a corps in her arms.

Her eyes were still replaying the sean when she arrived at her houses. Her brother came out and lifted her from the car after about 4 minuets. He slowly caryed her up the stairs and placed her into her bed. “They died brother, they all died, for the cross was in there blood, just like the legend says.” Nick looked down at his siters eyes. He hadent seen them like that seens her mother died, what happend out there. “ the legend about the village, ‘the cross is in the blood’ lee killed his kin then himself to give me th cross. The blood made the cross. That’s what made the cross there blood, and there happiness when I came.” her brother rapped his sister in a tight hug, what eals could he do? Her pain was not reversible. There was nothing he could do, but queschon why the her point man had let her do the assmint.

Nick came in a storm of rage, his sisters pain at its eye. His eye flashing as he came up behind the green hared middel aged man that called him self Sara’s uncel. He spun the chair arounf and looked the man in the face. “ you have got some exspaning to do, old fool.” Mesesh’s green eye’s were darker then they had been at there pervice encoter. It had been a wile seens he had seen him, but he could tell the diffrece. “ just so you know, I have lost all fath in centerel. Also I’m reactvating my sect. Your going to approve it. There going to move in with my family. Don’t worry we have enof room. And you are going to pay for Sara’s tharapy.” “It had to be done. The cross was ment to be her’s, she needs to understand humans fralty, along with her own.” Nick looked at the old man as if he were nuts. “ don’t worry, all of your demands are going to be meet. What central did was wrong. She wasn’t ready.”

Nick went home a bit confused. He didn’t understand what had happened. But he could see that things were only going to get worse. He hope that the people in his sect would help her recover. There’s a thing about sect’s , they always stay in touch. They are depdent on ecother for so long, that its hard to let go. He knew the people that he had been thou so much with would welcome her with open arms. He hoped.

Talca had meet his sect. There was a lot of potenchel in his plan. Exspashly with one of them. There were 3 others in his sect Amale, Neco, Heten. One thing had always buged Taly. Neco had never had a girl frind. Never at least not in any ones recent memory, and they had a sad yong girl in morning. The plan was forming in he mind. Now nick is not a man who scars ez, but When Nick saw the fire in her eye, it scard him crapless.

Ok, let start out by discribing the cariters that are now comeing into Sara’s Life. Let start out with Heten. Gruf mean and hard as a rock, next Amale, brit chrfull and always looking for an exsus to killing some thing. Next, Neco, strong quite