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Sara was sitting and looking off into the stars. They only had three of the orbs. They really needed to get going. But the rebuilding of a nation was important to. Before she could finish her thought, her brother called " hay Sara we need your help!" she ran down. They were dragging in a limp boy, it was a young boy, about 20 years of age. His red hair, came down to the middle of his back. His face almost made him look feminine, but a maskle quality about his being that was unshakable. "Sara, you tack this guy, the rest of the nurses are bizzy" "ok, bring him over here" they got him settled in the teant beside hers, she began the proses to bring him around. She gently stroked his forehead with a damp clothe. " you know, I think that this is a girl" " I herd that" the boy stred, Sara blushed, she didnít mean for him to wake him up just then. For the next week she was cleaning his bed pans, changing his sheets. She had never felt more like a running maid. Over that time, she got to know him very well. His name was Neco, he was with Ohrays main troop. They tacked wile she did her choirs, she also confide in him. It was the 9th week of having him under her care. She had felt like a ners maid. As she was bring up the cover around his chin, Neco gently took her hand. "Iím so sorry. You have been doing everything. Can you forgive this week man?" Sara blushed. In all her time in caring for the ingred, she had never been apojised to. She felt a pain in her chest, as Neco smiled gently at her she felt the pain become a plaesnt warmth. Just then the physical therapist came in. " you ready to lirin to wack again" Sara recovered just in time to aranige a season the next day. "Hay Neco, can I come with you" Neco was surprised at the request. " yeah sher. I think it would be really fun for you. You got me up and coshens, why shed you get me back on my feet." Avlon was at the door. He felt the jealous growing with in him. He was stealing Saraís hart away. And there is no away he was going to louse here to anyone.

Sara was watching Neco get to his feet. "Hum, heís got a maskel walk to. Well at least I know heís not a girl." Neco got to his feet and stood on his own for the first time in to mousne. He smiled at Sara and she smiled back.. Neco sat back down and rolled over to her "hay Sara, can you be my incrigment?" Sara was a bit surprised be the request. "What do you mean by that?" "Be my inspearshon at the end of the bars". Now Sara understood. The waking bars were the hardest part of recovery and often the had to be some one they cared about. Sara smiled "sher" Neco smiled back.. For three weeks, Sara and Neco worked on getting his strength back. As they did, they got closer. " Come on Neco, one more time" " Come on Sara, your such a slave driver. I need a rest" Sara laughed. "Ok a short one. But then its all work for the rest of the afternoon" Neco winced and Sara laughed again. " hay Sara" "What" "can you get us something to eat?" Sara laughed and shuk her head as she went to the kitchen. Neco had come so far in such a short time. And as soon as he got better he was going to leave. Sara droped the bred she was holding. He was going to leave. Not right now mabe but he would evnchaly. And that thout scared her. She waked back slowly with the sandwiches. " hay Sara, why the long face?" she looked at him "hum, nothing. Hay Neco, what wiil you do when you leave" he thout for a moument. " I donít know, go back to the unit" "I knew it" Sara thout "he going to leave." " Iím goin in" "huh but we just..." Sara didnt wait for him to anser.

Avlon had won. His hart filled with a kind of twised joy. he was going to laev and Sara would be all his Agin. All his. He could help and spik every other step. He angel was back with in his sight, thank god for the front lins.

For the next week Sara kept her distance, and Neco got better. " thank you all, you have done so much" Neco said somaly. He felt no elashon on being better. At least not when he did not Have Sara to share the joy. " Iím thankful that you got better so quickly. So tell us, whatís your distension" Neco already had his anser " Iím going back to the unit. Maybe IĎll get ingerd again" as he left, he felt a deep Sadness. Sara had not been to see him all day and he had wanted to say good buy. " Well its not like I loved her or any thing." Neco Said out loud to him self, but in his hart he knew the truth.

Sara wacked into the kitchen in a bad mood. " hay Sara" Nick called out to her. " ya whats up?" "Well I was wondering. You to seem so clous. Why didnít you say good by?" Sara was silent. The truth was she didnít know. She sat down on a bench near the window. Her brother sat right next to her. " listen Sara. I donít like guys getting couls to you. And this is why they tell you not to become friends with your pashents." Nick paused for a minuet " you donít see it do you?" Sara looked at him in surprise, it looked like her brother had been paying attenchon for once. " listen Sara. He loves you, and you him. You feel in love right before my eyes and I didnít see it." the tears were flowing freely. She had never wanted to admit it before. But now it stared her right in the face. She was human and was in love with Neco. " go get him Sara. Before you regret it" Sara ran out of the room. "Sara!" Sara spun around to see Avlon. "Sara do you really need him. Sara Iím all you need!" Sara was confused " what do you mean?" Avlon looked as if the world had fallen around his eras. " you really donít know, do you?" Sara was rally confused. Avlon eyes began to water. " very well, if he makes you so happy then go to him. But I will always be here if you fall". And with that, Sara ran out of the camp.

As she ran she thought of all the times they had spent together. All the times that she had opened up to him. And how many times she had cried in front of him. " Neco wait for me donít be gone" as she ran it began to Rain. It pounded against her skin as she tried to get there in time. As she came in, she saw something that made her blood run cold. All the transport ships were gone. She had missed her chais. She felt the world begin to spin. As she drooped to her knees in the could mud. " hay Sara, I didnít think you were the one to give up" Sara looked up. There he was, also wet and soaking. Sara felt the relief flood thought her like a river. Sara ran to him as fast as her feet would cary her. And she ran into his arms. Sara had never liked the rain, but it was a little warmer that night.