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Hey all, and welcome. This is Sabbidon speaking, and I think that if you are here, then you probably know me, and if you don't then e-mail me and we can get aquainted.

Now, this site is meant to give you some basic info about me, and some of my friends. Yes there will be pictures...of me, and the friends who will let me post their pics on my website.

There will also be a part on this site where I will write often...almost like live-journal, and since I don't know how to get an account on there I don't have one :P.

(all names are taken from Furcadia, and are not the actual names).

Its me!!!!!!

Me my biker outfit :)

Well, thats it for me, now, onto other people.

Its Arianna Starwanderer.

And Silentwolf.

Silentwolf, Runepurelight, and Miss Lucifer.

Well, now thats out of the way (kidding :P) I can direct you towards the page that I will be using to write in :) I will also give you the low down on my life on that page :).
So here is the link :).

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