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Subject: Extreme Priority – The bark / Priorité Extrême – l’aboyer URL: (OR ANY SUB FOLDER OF THIS HOST, LEST IT MIGHT BE FORGOTTEN WHEN ADDRESS IS OVERWRITTEN) I didn’t tell anyone to back off for my demands to settle in some territory I can be much safer; it was the dog that did, and it was its bark that scared everyone away. Not because I am a qualified figure was I forced to be in such a plight, which I don’t understand and refuse to understand because it’s those hidden intents and secret bargains that kill and drive the humanity to some moral corruption; I have been some livestock not expected to be smart because I wasn’t supposed to be emerging to defend my rights, but if the dog barks I have my voice too, and it will no longer be the news that I will be bitten by the vicious dog, this time as they say I am going to bite the dog because I have revealed that there is a fresh wave of attacks planned against me and I am going to take the bites by declaring the details of what they prepare against me, vengefully after local cameras rushed to shoot the door of my home which I haven’t forgotten and which I will never forget even after I see the doors of bigger offices opened before me for my permanent admittance for terms, as this is a great occasion to start a payback, with help of Heavenly Manna once more. But first things first and let me remind you all this; for any successor or current position owner it’s no good to criticize the deeds or the actions of predecessors; which in a way include me as well, because the values I stand for are the values the people still love and admire and treaties left, actions designed and implemented in a brazen, unethical and mean way are going to be revealed once more; because THIS TIME IN ORDER TO LEGITIMIZE DECISIONS TO BE RESPECTED, THE FORMER LAND UNDERCOVER OPERATIVES ARE PLANNING AN ASSAIL AGAINST SOME PEOPLE HAVING TO DO WITH SOME KEY FIGURES DEFENDING MY RIGHTS AND THESE PEOPLE FOR “HAVING BEEN SLOW IN RESPONDING ME WILL HAVE BEEN SHOWN TO HAVE BEEN PUNISHED IN ORDER TO SEND A SIGNAL FOR OTHER PARTIES AIMING TO HELP ME” AND THE FIGURES TO REALIZE THIS ARE CONSIDERING AN ASSAIL TO HURT SOME KEY PEOPLE AND LEAVE A MESSAGE DENOUNCING THESE AS IF SOME FIGURES MAINTAINING HELP FOR ME TO HELP ME WITH THIS SEQUEL OF INFORMATION THROUGH “VOCAL SUPPORT” WILL BE BLAMED AS IF I HAVE GIVEN SUCH AN ORDER; A PLOT TO SHOW I AM SOME SORT OF A DEMON BETTER AS ISOLATED; ONE OF THE FORMER LAND CHAIR’S CLOSEST ADVISORS STILL ON DUTY IS SAID TO HAVE BEEN INVOLVED AND SOME FIGURES ACTING AS THEIR LIEUTENANTS ARE SAID TO HAVE BEEN CAUGHT MAKING SUCH CONVERSATIONS. There is a bitter, violent approach hidden after these words that I will have revealed with my ears to be witness, being one step before Joe Public having been able to hear things meant to have been heard just for having idea about policies of some nations which weren’t openly asked for yet still worried; and I IN SOME WAY AM SUSPICIOUS THAT SOME TOUGHER LAWS ARE IN MATERNAL LAND’S AGENDA TO CLOSE THIS GAP BECAUSE THEIR ARCHIVES AND DATA OF MY CONCERN HAVE BEEN WIDE OPEN AND WITH A PUNITIVE MEASURE SOME MEANS AGAINST THIS MAY BE PLANNED, PARTICLUARLY AFTER MY IRONIC PROTEST WITH MY PETITIONS SENT FOR AN OPPOSITE PARTY TO SHOW THE MATERNAL LAND CIVIL CERVANTS’ PASSIVE ATTITUDE. The words about plans to hurt some key figures I have sent petitions and for them to be punished perhaps with loss of their lives (really loss of their lives not some play dead game) and this will emerge to show that a dark sense of intolerance against some figures that may come to be targeted because of having listened to me also being in the prey list, far further than just plain rumors; perhaps with my words to be followed by words of others’ to show why some celebrities were protected effectively because of threat anticipation being just a baloney next to these words. THERE IS A FORMER LAND PLAN TO SHOW SOME SUPPORTERS TO RISK BEING PUNISHED WITH SOME CURRENT FORMER LAND TOP RANKING OFFICIALS INVOLVED IN SUCH A PLAN AND THEY WILL BE ASSAILED AND WILL BE SHOWN AS IF I ORDERED THEM TO BE PUNISHED BECAUSE OF THEIR SO-CALLED INSUFICIENCY IN HELPING ME AND THUS THE FORMER LAND WILL ALSO CLAIM A KEY ADVANTAGE OF PROVING THAT I AM MORE THAN A FEW DAILY E-MAILS AND SOMEBODY MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE THAN A VICTIM ORDINARY. THERE THESE LINES ARE: The 1st tape starts. With duration of about four or five minutes, this call was made within last 18 to 20 hours, and one of the lines were spotted as a unit, a fake company actually established to conceal some undercover service operations in the national level and the other line is a close address this time belongs to an airforce base town's biggest department store, but the airforce headquarters there was moved from there 30 years ago: 1: So they are after making a wave impact this time huh? The moles are blind, and those that support the moles are blind as well. 2: If they are so blind they can't go where they may hope to because they can't perceive everything like the moles because they have gone blind recently. 1: Then this means they may have some fatal effects. Let's randomly pick a few figures where the mole expected too much of but was disappointed; make the choices be as effectively as possible and we will introduce these as action designed by the mole and accomplished by the mole's headphones. 2: All signs must indicate that; just like the mafia, he wants help and these figures are chosen to make others seem as the ones to be the example of what kind of offer they can't afford to refuse, okay? 1: So our own methods will no longer be judged at all; people will see what a vicious rat they are called by and will leave him to his damn own destiny. 2: I will come with a list of stars and big wigs in coming 24 hours. 1: Alright; don't forget your recommendations per each list item. 2: Yes, sir. There is a long pause of over 120 to 130 seconds. The 2nd tape starts. This was recorded within last 24 hours and the duration is 24 hours. Very unusually, one of the lines belong to a coffee shop of an ethnic community famous for coffee and some alcohol drinks, who don't quite sympathize with maternal land quite generally, that's all I can say, and the other is a former land originated address again, known for importing such goods and others to former land. 1fl: About two months left; and some parties out there are still too generous to the little dwarf; they send pants much bigger than a dwarf's size and the money they want to give is no less. 2fl: If one of the little girl's addressees would be involved in a suprise offensive when the ballots are cast, there may be an outcry; this can be quite possible because the girl is suspicious for receiving some unwanted attachments. 1fl: Yeah, this can cause a big outcry and people will regard the dwarf as a dangerous lunatic and as a result he will be more appreciated to be isolated. We are not helping the bastard to get rid off what he dislikes; we are trying to cut off the support he may get from them. 2fl: Yeah, if the swines will go mincemeat with bombs like pork chops flying in the air, that will be great; let's show the world what a dangerous bastard he is, so some advised bills can be appreciated as quickly as possible. 1fl: That's always the point. (LISTENER'S NOTE; TO AVOID UNWANTED CONSEQUENCES, I HAVE MORE CIVILIZED WAYS TO BACK SOME PARTIES OFF; SUCH AS DEMANDING HELP FROM CONTINENTAL EUROPE; THAT'S NOT MY WAY) DO GIVE ME AN HOUR AT LEAST FOR THE UPLOAD TO BEGIN & BE FINALIZED IF NOT AVAILABLE WITHIN TIME OF YOUR RECEIPT AND RESPONSE IN CLICKING: Today's message is available in today's declared address IN A NEW DOMAIN WITH USER ALIAS; limited version with more recent files is available ONLY in ADDRESS UPDATED (OR ANY SUB FOLDER OF THIS HOST; THIS WAS GIVEN MORE EMPHASIS AND EMERGED ON FIRST PAGE IN SEARCH ENGINE OCCASIONALLY limited upload, if both fails look for the major one, please and if neither of which are possible that is because of closed down servers or recognition codes not shown - OR NOT AVAILABLE (IF ONE SHOULD DISCONNECT, OR SEE SERVICE NOT AVAILABLE - ANY AUTHORITY POSTED CAN USE THE FREEDOM OF HOSTING IT INSTEAD OF ME WITH PUBLISHING FILES IN YOUR ARCHIVES AS WELL AS WHAT NEW THINGS I MAY BRING AND ADD TODAY'S MESSAGE; HELP ME PLEASE IF YOU WANT THE TRUTH TO WIN), if there will be a sort of a crisis in terms of upload, I will find alternatives, as names within directory will be either /main.html or /index.html and yesterday's message is available at /hier-yesterday.html, and requirement of immigrations to alternative land are available at /checkout.html and BRAND NEW PAGE SHOWING LOCAL LAWYER DATABASE ENGINE IN /search.htm or .html AND HOW FORMER LAND HAS VISA AND CITIZENSHIP PROCEEDINGS DONE IS IN NEW PAGE: /look.html, SEE ALSO /ps.html FOR THE OFTEN TRUNCATED REPEATED POST SCRIPTION BLOCK. ***Images (in the same domain address and directory) i200+ are newer (for related images of lack of sanitation or under quality living do see 16, 17, 40, 48, 50, 51, 65, 68, 69 and 84); the media files uploaded via this domain from i001.jpg to to the last media file; …/i207.jpg (another 37 appearance, in a field matching my prior vulnerability, software piracy in relation with my lack of affordability and proven poverty) .../i206.jpg (numerology of hidden intents blended to the entity dictated to me for assimilation knowing I haven’t got many places to go) .../i205.jpg (start the proceedings) .../i204.jpg (My poverty indicating official paper scanned – FATHER NAME GIVEN BECAUSE OF FAMILY STRUCTURE HERE, NO HARD FEELINGS MORE OR LESS THAN THAT FOR SO-CALLED MOTHER) THE REST OF THE EXPLANATIONS WILL BE AVAILABLE IN PS.HTML FILE Yours faithfully / Veuillez agréer Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. 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