To: My faithful audiences, Subject: Extreme Priority Ė Postmen and dogs / Prioritť ExtrÍme Ė les courriers et chiens URL: (OR ANY SUB FOLDER OF THIS HOST, LEST IT MIGHT BE FORGOTTEN WHEN ADDRESS IS OVERWRITTEN) Check: Do have the inbox be checked for alias ďÖĒ, SVP. I donít wish to be part of a system that will always bring discomfort to me; lead by figures that seem far too dishonored to deserve my support or even my succession, so they should go and look for figures as dishonored as they are. These are the figures that challenge me sending messages when I would get out of here to face them in an armed clash; but should they be allowed to draw their guns to what the God created? They canít be my equals; because knights appear before each other during combat and games and being their equal, whilst those not matching my level are those worth to get shot or poisoned like dogs in the middle of the streets. Even though there are several hundreds of calls I have heard and while some still echo in my ears with curse and coarse words articulated about women that have given birth to me, I shouldnít be accused of being mean or rude against my aggressors. Let me tell you why I shouldnít be; because those delaying a postal service delayed to enable me my freedom and my chance to be me and decide on who will be with me or who I will take along, hence these figures are like dogs before the postmen, who each time see their pants being torn into pieces trying to get out from where they want to deliver what they were assigned with; hence calling such as dogs is by no means an exaggeration, as the aspect of insult and the very nature of insult being clarified. Speaking of dogs, who chase the dogs? The blind chase the dogs, because they canít see and they need the dogs as well as they need the canes, and dogs follow dogs because when there is a dog there, there is a taste or the scent of canine food. Nobody else chase the dogs, because when they bury something or where they try to unearth something chances are you wonít find a treasure or a pot of gold. And you have to stand against fleas and spittle as well. These figures are captivating me for the sake of their weaknesses, which wouldnít still be an issue of vulnerability for anyone because I have already declared statements marking how willing I am to meet them and how containers meant for protection can serve as containers to transmit things safely in forms of amendment to deposit, therefore we see a large party of aggressors that dictate the world their own version of how the events are going to turn out to, with a negative aura since they will have lost total control over the rule of humanity and as a result they benefit from the chaos or the word of chaos. Speaking of chaos, we do not see a mere two party me versus them sort of a friction or a disagreement. They are involved in disputes with virtually everyone, so much irritated by being equal of others that they take comfort in dominating them that they are even against figures or means of existence in the virtual world, let alone physical life itself. They have disputes with their neighbors and people they under normal conditions would never see at all, the people thousands of miles away; they have been to such places; I am not referring to any dangerous latter time bandit group they wrongly classify me along; how about 30 or more years ago; ideological reasons? So why an event some 5 decades ago wasnít resolved in a similar way that was at their own doorway? There was a more legitimate reason for use of force, and there is the smell of plenty of double standards. Was there a threat against their domestic domain back then? No way, there obviously wasnít. We are face to face against schizophrenic parties disturbed by the flight of a fly clinging on a shotgun or noise of children they want to send in force to suppress them. They canít get along with everyone and they are problematic figures and we can see the difference by showing how I manage to gather a different group of individuals that barely have one thing in common altogether and they open these messages and read them; so I am not the problem and they are and they declare me as an equivalent of the enemy of the state; how am I going to be an enemy of a state; I lived on a payroll before and I am a declared poor man with no savings, being poor and having nothing bar some alms I can barely get? We perfectly see that the world perishes because of their megalomania and will to control everyone everywhere and every time; but this is not supposed to go on this way; as the revolt I am performing against them shows. I have talked plenty of indicators of insanity, havenít I within this text? THERE WAS A REASON FOR SURE, AS THE FORMER LAND IS AFTER TWO PLANS REVEALED; ONE BEING DECLARING ME AS MAD AND PLACING ME BEHIND THE BARS AND THE OTHER IS SOME FORM OF A CONTAMINATION ARTIFICIALLY TO BE REALIZED AS THEY WANT SOME APPENDIX REMOVAL TO TAKE PLACE BECAUSE THEY WILL ARTIFICIALLY BLOCK MY APPENDIX AND MAKE ME SUFFER PAIN AND DISABLE ME FROM MOVING FREELY: The 1st tape starts. This was recorded from a call made approximately 24 hours ago; with one of the lines belonging to a company specialized in tranquilizer sale and the other is a medical clinic specialized in psychiatry. Duration lasts about 5 minutes. 1: We are face to face with a damn freak, some maniac causing all to get spoiled; screw his damn mother, screw his homeland and screw his first love. Everytime I receive calls, itís all about him. I have given up answering the calls; I have diverted calls to the fax machine. 2: If everyone here thinks he is a maniac, then most possibly we can tag him as a maniac. Not everyone bears a meat cleaver. Inclined to passive violence and can go active anytime. 1: Then letís get a straightjacket instead of a red coat; more practical, huh? We can say he had a nerve breakdown and shall remain for his own security and recovery under medical control for a while. 2: Yeah, nobody would tolerate any sort of a maniac; this will be justified. 1: Then we must have our own way to show some freak biz. 2: I hope you will arrange that. A few ears snapped, maybe a few girls harassed. Itís up to you. 1: I will keep this all prior. 2: You have no job else to do. There is a pause of more than 130 seconds or so. The 2nd tape starts. This was recorded within last 24 hours with no specific hour given; duration again five minutes with one of the lines belong to a company specialized in medical studies and the other is a big medical goods vendor. 1: If we canít cause any visible damage and if this is forbidden, then we will focus on the interior now that our interior affair has gone international. 2: So you liked my work? 1: Will not draw too much suspicion. Itís natural and appendix work is fine. Drinks too much soda, less clean water and consumes too much food and is overweight; itís a miracle he didnít develop symptoms before. 2: Yeah, so itís this mess that will come and he will be urged to rest for a while. 1: Pathetic being so close to freedom but having his own problems. 2: But that will work. We will impose nanotech injection to develop and swell to hurt the appendix and ... 1: Donít tire me with geek jargon, right. It will work, wonít it? 2: Yeah, it will. 1: Thatís all I need to know and report. DO GIVE ME AN HOUR AT LEAST FOR THE UPLOAD TO BEGIN & BE FINALIZED IF NOT AVAILABLE WITHIN TIME OF YOUR RECEIPT AND RESPONSE IN CLICKING: Today's message is available in today's declared address IN A NEW DOMAIN WITH USER ALIAS; limited version with more recent files is available ONLY in ADDRESS UPDATED (OR ANY SUB FOLDER OF THIS HOST; THIS WAS GIVEN MORE EMPHASIS AND EMERGED ON FIRST PAGE IN SEARCH ENGINE OCCASIONALLY limited upload, if both fails look for the major one, please and if neither of which are possible that is because of closed down servers or recognition codes not shown - OR NOT AVAILABLE (IF ONE SHOULD DISCONNECT, OR SEE SERVICE NOT AVAILABLE - ANY AUTHORITY POSTED CAN USE THE FREEDOM OF HOSTING IT INSTEAD OF ME WITH PUBLISHING FILES IN YOUR ARCHIVES AS WELL AS WHAT NEW THINGS I MAY BRING AND ADD TODAY'S MESSAGE; HELP ME PLEASE IF YOU WANT THE TRUTH TO WIN), if there will be a sort of a crisis in terms of upload, I will find alternatives, as names within directory will be either /main.html or /index.html and yesterday's message is available at /hier-yesterday.html, and requirement of immigrations to alternative land are available at /checkout.html and BRAND NEW PAGE SHOWING LOCAL LAWYER DATABASE ENGINE IN /search.htm or .html AND HOW FORMER LAND HAS VISA AND CITIZENSHIP PROCEEDINGS DONE IS IN NEW PAGE: /look.html, SEE ALSO /ps.html FOR THE OFTEN TRUNCATED REPEATED POST SCRIPTION BLOCK. ***Images (in the same domain address and directory) i200+ are newer (for related images of lack of sanitation or under quality living do see 16, 17, 40, 48, 50, 51, 65, 68, 69 and 84); the media files uploaded via this domain from i001.jpg to to the last media file; Ö/i207.jpg (another 37 appearance, in a field matching my prior vulnerability, software piracy in relation with my lack of affordability and proven poverty) .../i206.jpg (numerology of hidden intents blended to the entity dictated to me for assimilation knowing I havenít got many places to go) .../i205.jpg (start the proceedings) .../i204.jpg (My poverty indicating official paper scanned Ė FATHER NAME GIVEN BECAUSE OF FAMILY STRUCTURE HERE, NO HARD FEELINGS MORE OR LESS THAN THAT FOR SO-CALLED MOTHER) .../i203.jpg (201-203 bar images showing me been there; do mind to any plot to associate me with those images such as any footage that can be shot against my privacy or civil rights to constitute as perils to get me caught) .../i202.jpg .../i201.jpg .../i200.jpg (COPS COMING IN ORDER TO BULLY ME) Ö/i199.jpg (They start again to chase me) .../look.html (FORMER LAND CITIZENSHIP PROCEEDINGS - NOT THAT I WISH TO BE ONE OF THEM; JUST TO SHOW HOW COMPLICATED AND BIASED SUCH SERVICES ARE) .../i198.jpg (Showing the last letter of turning me down, how inferior I am expected to be feeling) .../i_cough.mp3 (Show to a doctor to define under how sick circumstances I am supposed to search my rights) .../i_jecoute.mp3 (THE INTERNET CUTOFF, EMBARGO INDICATING CALL) .../i197.jpg (bias of a newspaper, the same one we see in i025, i049 and i122 and this newspaper is named "Liberty") .../i196.jpg (The maternal land services closed during time of crisis) .../i195.jpg (THE FORMER LAND'S POLICY OF ABUSING EMOTIONS SHOWING HER IGNORED LIABILITIES WITH MONEY OF THE PUBLIC SENTIMENT) .../i194.jpg (a job letter I pessimistically regard alike i172.jpg) .../i193.jpg (Final picture of my deceased pet) .../i192.jpg (Third picture of my deceased pet) .../i191.jpg (Second picture of my deceased pet) .../i190.jpg (First picture of my deceased pet) .../i189.jpg (the signals of the street showing the Church across the consulate and consulate itself side by side one under another) .../i188.jpg (that consulate coat of arms) .../i187.jpg (a funny consular service gate showing a consular signal and a Church banner) .../i186.jpg (12/08 second call riot as mentioned) .../i185.jpg (old buildings constituting threat for enemies to demobilize me by trying to pull them down while I pass by) .../i184.jpg (WHAT I HAVE WON) .../i183.jpg (final job turndown from a remote part of the alternative land, besides I want where the movie "On the beach" was shot - now that I won't be an alternative land citizen from a distance) .../i181.jpg & .../i182.jpg (showing the accident attempt to make me get hurt in a public transportation vehicle, as you well know, they are quite crowded and the issue of being wounded inside cabin during a crash is much worse than being inside a car with airbags and security systems such as buckles and cabin cage) .../i180.jpg (the bucktoothed, blue eyed substitute of the baby killer is running a dating service, to find lovers for her own; meanwhile this site has no traffic or owner data, confirming my accusations) .../i179.jpg (Showing the query at the school website search engine for teaching assistant position, whilst there are no openings from alternative land reaching for me) .../i178.jpg (SHOWING THE TELEVISION FOOTAGE OF HOW THE EVENT WAS COVERED) Yours faithfully / Veuillez agrťer, THIS IS RE-AMENDED AGAIN VALID FROM JAN 5TH : *** THERE HAVE BEEN NEW SUBSTITUTIONS FOR SOME TRAGIC RECENT LOSSES AND THE SAME CONDITIONS TO BEARING THE OLD FRIEND IS STILL VALID AS THOSE AROUND ME CAN STILL COME AS CARETAKERS OF IT; EVEN THOUGH IT'S NOT MY FIRST RESORT; THIS IS ABOUT MY FLIGHT TO OUTER WORLD WITH AMENDED ENTOURAGE OF MY REAL FAMILY; IN HEALTH & COMFORT FOR A CAREER DESIGNATED FOR A VETERAN RESTING AND RECUPERATING, WORN OFF IN HIS CAMPAIGN WITH NO OVERTIME, NIGHT-SHIFT AND UNDERPAYMENT, JUST PICKING UP HIS FAMILY AND REDISCOVERING THE TRUST TO FAMILY AND RELATIONS, DO PLEASE RECALL: What is my likelihood of being forced to relocate to the capital of this country (as the nearest Alternative Land outpost is there and this place also cares for applications made through neighboring countries of this one and I am penniless and I don't wish to make extra expenditures, while we dramatically observe the former land trying everything to keep me penniless and deprives me of having access to larger sum of money; not even the one I lost until my layoff taking place - as the best stinking argument goes as "retired parents cannot pay since they have credit card debts"; if this is the common attitude of the former land grandeur; why don't we make them live their fantasy; kicking them off their office and making them live like retired people having credit card debts? For this very reason I demand all documents concerning immigration to be rendered with a citizenship without forcing me to go to capital of this country to accomplish all in a naturalization centre in U.K. OR FAR AWAY ALTERNATIVE LAND after landing or a day after it utmost also getting a specific and unanimously EU imposed date for me to become a Briton at earliest alongside with what is to be brought for those documents to be ready; as in that case I don't want a long list too on requirements since my eyes have grown sore after all those hours I had to spend for writing these some harmless remains of my petitions and the layer of dust over my reference books for academic work during this while had grown tremendously, as this also does remind me of the fact that we also have to assure I have no more class attendance in this country and for horizontal admission relocation or a distant degree accomplishment chance of my degree form university here with my real name on it must be given "sans bureaucratie et souci" - since being abused for assets does count as a legitimate demand for seeking refuge, along with loss of no basic liberties, privacy and a chance to establish a family life and claim prosperity; I really wonder if these don't justify refugee status, what will?) For the sake of immigration proceedings to be accomplished; as during that while I may be defenseless and may face delays? Also I want to have my domestic some harmless remains of my pet to be allowed in UK and ALTERNATIVE LAND (which has tight regulations for bringing pets from outside, but these are just harmless pieces) as well; could Brussels and EU health authorities lean over the matter for it to come along because they may get lost once I leave them behind. I prefer leaving from the airport [on board of an airplane with Internet connection and first class comfort so when we should have an air turbulence or such, we will be able to have hourly updates of the flight, as I don't prefer landing to former land at all; but fly via mainland Europe] in this part of the town where I live, not across the town, with airport security and control to be given temporarily to the supervision of Anglo-Remote Alternative Land officials (as a measure of alleviating perils of debts unpaid or criminal records disabling me from reaching for an exodus with no willingness to renew my passport on my own having no money to pay that either) with EU and un acting as monitors; just as any unrest or natural disaster forcing a country's chief transportation veins (such as an earthquake as former land is suspected to have a seismic weapon just as chemical or nuclear weapons, as with the latter once blasted miles below the surface, it is indeed possible to acquire the equivalent impact of a tectonic tremor; even then we must have that airport control ready and I want the airport on this side of the town as reaching is much easier and even though domestic or abroad flights may be made from other airport; I want this field to be activated to fly from - for with my foster grandmother I flew along and I don't wish to grow sad with the voyage being just a temporary getaway, as a permanent one is desired now; if my desired partner should leave me for the sake of another to catch up or so - to evade which an evoking opinion suggests she has an accord assuring she's there to stay, until which I will undertake all precautions of protection not leaving her the initiative; I will cease output of assets as well; lest she not feel "homesick" for a place her would be spouse never ever felt as home; especially those aiming to become full time partner or partners are sought to be virgin; since I am from a group of not many and if I go and pick up from a number of nominees a touched one; everybody will make fun of me in my own religious fellowship; just as climbing a palm in an oasis where there are many such trees and climbing down with a rotten date in my hand; even though you may culturally disagree, do you understand?) To be rendered to the service of similar countries; whilst one other thing we have to take into account being nothing else but being fit to travel, thus I don't want no travelerís appendix or gall bladder going bust, no leg or arm fractures, no tooth aches or decays painful or freshly growing teeth hurting - just nothing to enable a fit and fair travel, with no bureaucracy, and complete means of being eligible for settlement together and launch a life as desired, with my own real name and with Alternative Land and British nationalities enabled (to assure the objective of which we ought to have mutual sustainability implemented to travel together and meet her without any obstacles and share the corresponding seats in the same row - otherwise sequestrated materials of former land and associates shouldn't be returned and me nationalized by EU member countries making the disclosure of precious documents made public; as the litigant party owed grand debts demanding such a seizure, I wish to reflect my consent; just as any person of wealth can't be intervened what he or she wants to do with his or her money, and those belongings until then are indirectly mine) immediately to be activated before or after our landing takes place, as I don't wish to preserve the nationality bonds with neither the former land as long as those not willing to pay for damages and have apologetic official remarks with dismissal of any red tape official covert or revealed alike working for a covert or revealed government agency; nor do I wish to preserve nationality bonds with the country I got forced to live against my own free will. Some terrorist causing me to be confined to here and make me watch my family life perishing here must not be a life lifeguard to help my foes have the chance to retain the power and keep ignoring the laws; as the information gathering networks of the former land are equivalently guilty next to current chair thus for justice to be made efficiently, these cadres should also be abolished and then can we talk about regarding former land as a place worth living and working for, without ignoring places where will have sheltered me and my loved ones."***
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