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How you doin', folks? This is the home of Master Akuma getting owned.

Master Akuma's private message box!

Hey, guess who's logged in. Hint: it's not really Akuma!

A snapshot after I wiped everything.

And after I locked the board up.

Here's the backup I made of the board right before I nuked it. I was going to be nice and just send it to sawada directly to help him restore his boards, but Master Akuma continued being an idiot so now I think I'll let everyone who knows anything about MySQL peruse through them.

Oh, did you know you can actually open the uncompressed file right in any old text editor and it'll let you see everything that's ever been posted on the board, including everyone's private messages? I don't know if anyone cares enough to, but since I'm such a nice person I'm giving you all the chance to peruse if you so wish.

You can even make your own phpBB board and restore a verbatim copy of's forums. Well, verbatim except for the ugly avatars and obnoxious forum titles and shitty emoticons and... well, you get the point.

Master Akuma, I know you're great at ignoring people, but let me say it again: get your shit off our boards, and no one will bother you. You bring all the flaming and hate yourself. People will leave you alone if you learned well enough to stop poking at SRK, but you apparently have some pathological need to continue this stupidity.

Your choice, man. Save yourself, your friends, and your users the trouble. Take your shit elsewhere. You're not welcome on SRK.