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~Zoids Battle~ Guild Website

1) No Spam! Do not neomail the Leads Without a problem or important info


3)Don't Hold Any Fights Without Telling Me (animegoddess1) And the Battle Manager

4)Don't Make Fun of other people Zoids

5) You Can't Have all the level ups! Don't Bug us (the leads) To give you all, NO BRIBING



8) Don't Give Other Teams Your Password!

For all these Crimes you will be punished

Signing UP-ok You Need to Read ALL THE RULES. Also please Pick a Team. Look at there Page. PICK a zoid from that list. No Made ups. No Ligers right now. OK, Only The ones they Have There. Don't Talk to me about signing up. Please Talk To the Head. Unless you are Signing up for the Comet team.

Wild Zoids- I the Head (animegoddess1) Will Tell You where the Zoid is, You need 3 fix it points to make them use able

Levels- Team Lead can give them out to the Zoids. You can earn More by Winning, Don't Give all your points to one Zoid!! Unfair! If you read this write Zoids rock in your Neomail you send it to me the Head

Fix It Points- When a Zoid is 'Dead' Unable to fight, You can use a Fix it points to get it back to shape. Also A wild Zoid to Tame it, and fix it, it takes 3 points.

Battles!- All Battles MUST be Approved by both of the Team leaders. And The Battle Manager AND head (Wolf_pack24). 2 vs. 2 is the lest amount of Zoids in a battle ground, Unless it is the Leads, Ageists the other leads. Max is 5 vs. 5. So pick your Partner Wisely, and no level 18 vs. level 2, ok, Or no 'little' guy battle and have one team have people of level 25.

Selling a Zoid- You got a Zoid no one Wants? Or do you just need some more Fix it points. You may Sell A Zoid to the 'Head' The leads you neomail me and sell a Zoid, But You Can't Trade It for another one only more Fix it points.


Ever Wished to become a Polite of your Fav. Zoid?? Ever wish to be in That Zoid and Battle Others?? Ever dream that you Can Do it right on Neopets?? Join Today! Comet Team, Spick Team, Red Team, And the Blue Team! Are All looking for YOU! What will You Do? Battle Wild Zoids? Help out your Team, Maybe Even Be A Hero!?! Come and See! The Only Way to know is to Join!!!!