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MyIE Original Visual C++ Source Code Download...

Welcome to The Complete MyIE Source Code Page!

MyIE is a IE Based Web Browser thats actually pretty cool! There have been acouple of Famous Web Browser's created using these sources... Maxthon ( and Internet Spirit (

MyIE is released under the GNU (General Public License) So if you use these sources you must also release the original MyIE Sources as well...

This Source Code (MyIE) Was Created By MoreQuick and ChangYou! This File is hosted by Michael j. Hardy on a simple angelfire web site...


You must have a Copy of Visual C++ 6.0, Next Download this file and add it to your VC++ Include Directory...

Next Click on Project ==>> Build or Build All!

Thats it if all goes well then you should have a fully working MyIE Browser!

This Site - ęCopyright 2005-2007 By Michael J. Hardy - MyIE Copyright By MoreQuick and ChangYou!