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Wee Burton's Better than Frodo's Webpage


For all your little boy inside you needs

This is and forever will be the worlds greatest site

Well if you really wanna see a twisted psycho with gay hair go here my unwise friend

Truly the greatest football team in the world

I really had nothing better to do so...

A day in the life of a wee man

Ok I went on Frodo's page and it scared me. But then I thought hey if he can do it why can't I? Then I realised its difficult as hell but what the hey! So anyway he's just a really twisted individual, there's a photo of him on the right. Yes, I agree that Cassie covered in chocolate is a mouthwatering proposition (Oh hell yes), and I agree that her friend Sarah is also very attractive, and I agree that both of them giftwrapped would be good, but he just takes it TOO FAR!!

Hmm that took up lotsa space. Ok best start sayin hi to people. Hi Cassie, (mmm Cassie), Sarah you don't look like a prostitute. Gabby words just can't say it. Katie you'll never see this page but hi anyway. The other peeps just aren't important except Natz thanx for the chocolate.

Oo I've got a joke. Pres. Bush is in a classroom with lotsa little kids. They're talking about what is a tragedy. One kid says "If my friend Timmy got hit by a car and killed that would be a tragedy." POTUS(President of the United States) replies "No little girl that would be an accident". Another kid says "What if a bus carrying 20 people fell of a cliff and killed them all." POTUS says "No, that would be a great loss." Then a little boy puts up his hand. "What if Air Force One was carrying you and then a missile hit it and you got blown to smithereens?" POTUS says "Yes, excellent, why would that be a tragedy?" The boy replies "Because it wouldn't be an accident and it certainly wouldn't be a great loss!"

Textbox Bounce

Press start to run. Wave your mouse directly over the dashes under the text area to move the "paddle".

\\\ /// \\\ /// \\\ /// \\\ /// \\\ /// \\\ /// \\\ /// \\\ /// .... wave your cursor here

MEME: A Simple game