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March 19th, 2005 ... The Best Day Ever

Written by number one and number two


mommy.JPG (40740 bytes)

Here is mommy waiting for us!


tent.JPG (53568 bytes)

This is our future home before we moved in.


waiting.JPG (27809 bytes)

And look, mommy is inside waiting.


one.JPG (39027 bytes)

I snuck out while everyone was asleep. I was born a little before 6:00 a.m. in a kitty condo.


onestill.JPG (38503 bytes)

Me and mommy were pretty happy in our new tent.


two.jpg (105367 bytes)

Before I knew what was happening, mommy started ignoring me and this slimey mess appeared!


together.jpg (24867 bytes)

I realized that it was my sibling and rushed over to hug and greet them. They arrived between 7:00 and 7:30 a.m.


nap.JPG (36536 bytes)

We took our first nap as a family.


rudolph.JPG (20003 bytes)

Baby number two and mommy.


rudolph2.JPG (26338 bytes)

We love cuddling with mommy.


breakfast.JPG (39111 bytes)

But all that cuddling can sure make you hungry!


sleeping.JPG (33059 bytes)

And all that eating can sure make you sleepy!


morefood.JPG (36415 bytes)

Did we mention that sleeping makes us hungry?


sleeping2.JPG (34855 bytes)

And that eating makes us sleepy?


play.JPG (35189 bytes)

After all that food and sleep, we explored a little. (Mommy doesn't look too happy that we woke her up!)


alone.JPG (30202 bytes)

She thought it might be a good time to go get something to eat.


alone2.JPG (29463 bytes)

But we have each other ...


alone3.JPG (30569 bytes)

so we just went back to sleep ...


morefood.JPG (36415 bytes)

... until mommy came back and it was time for more food!


bye.JPG (37414 bytes)



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