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America Essay

One tall, dark and handsome hunk of a construction worker from the Midwest, one amazing chateau in France, 50 beautiful women ready to fight over this hunk to win his love and money, and the largest degree of trickery possible. These are the main ingredients to one of the most popular reality shows on television.

Who actually watches reality television shows? The answer is very simple. Americans. Anything where people act barbaric toward each other is appealing. Somehow watching people act like barbarians and acting incredibly rude and selfish is the main attraction for television. In “Joe Millionaire”, having a group of women fight over a man who they believe is a millionaire seems ridiculous. Why is this type of TV show so popular?

Setting alarms for their TV’s, taping episodes they might miss, or having huge parties for the season finale. Obsession is the first word that comes to mind when I hear the actions people take when it comes to not missing their TV show. “Joe Millionaire” is an example of a television show without morality.

The “Joe Millionaire” show seems to be in everyone’s conversations. These conversations are not debating the morality of the show, but rather which women will be Joe’s chosen one. It seems odd that a television show would be the focus and preoccupation for the American public. With current national and local issues more focus seems to be on Joe, rather than events that directly affect their lives. It is despicable to me that we find such great enjoyment in watching a man deceive 50 women into thinking he is a millionaire. Walking into school and hearing conversations around the room all about “Joe Millionaire” and what happened in the last episode. What about the latest news story? Why is our society so focused on something that does not involve us? Watching someone’s personal life on a television show seems like an invasion of privacy. It puzzles me why someone would want to expose his or her personal life to the entire United States.

America wants to watch something that they can relate to. Seeing on television people, not actors, having the same dreams and going through the same emotions and personal issues as they are provides a sense of not being alone. Americans need to feel as if they are normal. Having that sense of normality is provided when they see people on a TV show having the same feelings and hardships as they are. Watching essentially themselves on TV gives them a sense of reassurance that they are accepted in society. Unfortunately there is no reality in reality television it is all a deception.