Welcome To Nesha's Devilish Den of Tomfoolery!

This is a picture that was done by one of my friends. He painted the girl to look like me. I like this a lot, I think it captures me quite well.

Be sure to look at everything. I didn't do all this work for nothing, damnit.


The sitemap, plus some other cool sites

Home of Hello Kitty
San-x, cute Sanrio-esque stuff(BeerChan is my favorite)
Old porn(this is actually pretty neat)
Free applications & programs for your Palm handheld.
Japanese Fun(A must-see, this site is so damn funny!)
My buddy Maddox. I don't agree with everything he says, but he's a man after my own heart & a brilliant writer.
Beliefnet. My screen name on there is LittleNesha, duh...
Why Wiccans Suck
Kickass urban exploration site
FUGLY. Much better than Freakhole, which is turning into Pornhole...
Oklahoma City Ghost Society
Urban exploration & paranormal investigation in New Jersey
Fortean Times
The Anomalist
Sanguinarius, a support page for vampires