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may i please bite you?

spaghetti Happy Tree Friends goggles
Radical Ed Spike Cowboy Bebop in general J.D. Salinger

my first love ::modestmouse::

Kurt Vonnegut stingray corvettes James Dean is sex friendly homeless people Bright Eyes On the Road
Writing Down the Bones butterscotch the Moon and Antarctica cotton candy pink hair
Nirvana my retainer big black dogs
Henna moodlighting eyeliner Henry Fool
::ramune:: modestMouse sticky rice tree frogs maddox is politically incorrectXcore! Ryan's pictures claire Shibuya ,Yokohama,
Japan in general Baltimore

james being lost in broad daylight
that moment right before everything falls into place ...romantic jewelry... old hands new socks
goddamn you half-japanese girls... my friends' creative efforts Stephies mud masks Everlong<3 brendan people who
can argue well Bowling For Columbine my eyebrows fabulously expensive pillows cuz they're just
so comfortable.