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 Night falls, I'm alone
Skin chilled to the bone
You turned and you ran
Slipped right from my hands

Blue on black
Tears on a river
Push on shove
Don't mean much
Joker on jack
Match on a fire
Cold on ice
A dead man's touch
Whisper on a scream
Doesn't mean a thing
Won't bring you back
Blue on black

Blind, now I see
Truth, lies, and in between
Wrong can't be undone
Slipped from the tip of your tongue


Somewhere in the night a child cries,
A woman weeps and someone dies.
Somewhere in the night, humanity hides.

Somewhere in the night , a soul screams,
As people fade and die, lost in dreams.
Somewhere in the night, reality lives.

Somewhere in the night loneliness dwells,
As people die, no sounding bells.
Somewhere in the night, she dies alone.

Somewhere in the night ...

Where is the light?


Oh Little Boy Black and Blue,
Who was it that did this to you?
Who raised a hand at innocence?
Did they proclaim their eminence-
At a child's expense?

Is this your beloved mother's psalm,
This stormy song beneath your calm?
The one who nourished you from birth.
Were you more trouble then you were worth?
Oh was it her who did this to you,
Little Boy Black and Blue?

Was it your father, that loving soul?
Did the alcohol cause him to lose control?
Was his patience tried and taunted-
By the boy he never wanted?
Oh was it him that did this to you,
Little Boy Black and Blue?

Oh Little Boy Black and Blue,
The autopsy confirms it was true.
You were sodomized and strangled.
You were beaten, broken, mangled.
You must've screamed in agony,
As bloodstained hands brought you more misery.
Oh was it someone you never even knew,
Little Boy Black and Blue?


Bloody, broken, bruised, and branded,
Fractured ribs, the punch has landed.

Battered, wounded, twisted legs,
"Let me go!" the victim begs.

Now doubled over, spitting teeth,
His mother screams, consumed with grief.

Show no mercy, fight to death,
Till a broken body's all that's left.

There's no reason, none at all,
To cause this high-aimed youth to fall.

"Help me! Help me!" He gasps and cries,
But knows they'll beat him till he dies.

Pathetic soul left all alone,
Bloody face, shattered bones.

The mother wails, "It's not his time!"
They will pay for this vicious crime.

With no regret, remorse, or sorrow,
The gang will strike again tomorrow.

Now roses lie upon the grave,
Cherished friend we could not save.

I would like to grab you and shake you
Desperately release you
Limb of Satan
From the fiends that play havoc
With what used to be
Your soul

Then again
Is it worth my while
To spare a thought
For the Hound of Hell

I would like to grab you and smash you
Crush you
Under my heel
Like the reptile
That you are

The core that is me
Takes over
And can not justify
This thirst for blood
That has taken over
In my heart of hearts
And soul of souls

But alas
It would seem
Satanís work is complete
In those such as you