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Pairing: Spike/Xander
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(A/N: Cop Spike seemed to be popular in Touched, so he’s making a guest appearance ::grins::)

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Christmas Heat

Virtual Personal

“Not again…” at the sight of the flashing lights in the rearview mirror, Xander pulled over and stopped. All sorts of excuses ran through his mind. My wife’s having a baby and I had to get her to the hospital… ok… not that but … My wife’s in the hospital, having my baby. How about, I needed to get to the hospital and…

Spike leaned down and looked through the open window. “Driver’s license and registration.”

One glance at the cop and Xander forgot all his excuses and swallowed hard. He ached to touch the cop’s model-like features, those cheekbones, that mouth… so fucking close. He’d seen this man at the gym, he was quite sure of it. But under the weight of blue eyes staring at him expectantly, the question died on his lips.

“License and registration,” Spike repeated in clipped tones.

“Right … yeah…” Xander started to search his pockets. “Fu… I mean, I think I left my driver’s license at home. I’m sorry but—“

“Step out of the car.”


“Sir, step out of the car.” Spike moved back and opened the door. “Keep your hands where I can see them.”

Xander slowly exited the car and kept his hands in view. He felt the cop’s gaze dropping to his hands every few seconds, a heated caress that made his heart race. “Now what?”

“Hands behind your back.”

“What … no… I…” That hard implacable look had him doing as he was ordered. He bit his lip as the cop clamped the cuffs around his wrists. “I just forgot the damn thing at—“

“Stop talking and move.” Spike pushed him to walk along the sidewalk.

The feel of the cop’s hand on his back made him grow warm all over. “Where…”

Another push. This time the cop was so close behind, Xander could feel his body brush up against his own once in a while. His fear dampened on seeing the station. A two bit station in a two bit town, but they’d be able to clear him quickly.

He climbed the front stairs and held his breath as the cop’s belt and gun pressed into his thigh for a moment.

“Get inside.”

He didn’t want to move. “I know you. From the clu—“

“Get in.”

Another shove and Xander was inside the small room. No one was at the front desk. It was just him, and cold-as-ice handsome guy from the gym. How often had he watched the blond lay on his back and lift weights? Imagined straddling him, rubbing against him to the rhythm of his presses… driving him out of his mind with need so he’d lose that damned focus for once and notice him.

The silence stretched. “Are you gonna call in… what? I really do know you. I see you on Thursdays at the weight…” . Xander turned to look at the cop. Those blue eyes seemed to pierce right through his soul. It was like the cop knew exactly what he was thinking… how he was feeling… how tight and sensitive his skin was around him… how hard he was getting as images of sucking the cop off, forcing him to lose control assaulted his mind.

“Yeah,” there was an almost imperceptible nod. “You’ll need to wait in the jail until Officer Reed gets back to process you.”

“J… jail?” Already, he was being guided to through to another door. Inside, there were two empty cells. “I don’t wanna… look I didn’t do anything. You can’t jail me for…”

The cop raised his brow and opened the cell door. Somehow, Xander was compelled to obey. Surprised that the other man followed him in, Xander was about to ask, until he felt the handcuffs get unlocked. Before he had a chance to celebrate that freedom, one of his hands was pulled up in the air, there was a clinking as the cop threaded the empty bracelet between some bars, and then Xander’s free hand was cuffed up high too. “What the…” He started to tug at it, when the door slammed shut, and the cop stood in front of him on the other side of the bars.

He could feel the heat from the laser blue eyes sweeping slowly down his chest, lingering on his center. As his jeans tightened, he shifted, sucking in his breath when the cop didn’t look away.

“Fuck… who are you?” he breathed.

“Officer… or Sir will do, step up against the bars.”

Intent on demanding a name, Xander followed the instruction before thinking. The cop cupped him, hard, and all coherent thought fled his mind. His hips jerked forward, he didn’t care what game the cop was playing, only the sensations that were running through his body.

Spike squeezed him again, and again, watching intently as expressions chased across Xander’s face. “Come closer… your face.”

When he didn’t instantly obey, the hand moved away. Heavy and aching, Xander begged, and slammed his face up against the bars. And then the cop was kissing him. Hard, fucking his mouth, moving it back and forth. Sometimes one of them bit metal, other times the other, but they worked around the bars.

Xander moved his hips, his arousal begging for attention. Instead, he felt the cop’s hand on his ass, pulling him up against the bars. That was where the friction was, and that’s what he fucked… anything to help dull the pain.

He was panting, and begging… and damn… those bars were frustrating the hell out of him. Even when the cop came up against the bars, even when he could feel the cop’s erection up against his, it wasn’t enough. “Sir… please… please… I need you …”


“Oh God yes…”

Spike tugged Xander’s shirt out of his pants and groped him under it, running his hands over rippling muscles straining to force their way through the bars. “Until you want to beg for mercy?”

A tug on his belt buckle, and the clink against the bars as the belt was tossed aside, had Xander groaning. “Oh my God yes, mercy… just fucking touch me… just…” he was banging against the bars so hard, he was sure he’d bear the marks tomorrow. But he needed to get closer to the tough guy cop… damn it!

“Good, because that’s what you do to me when you stare at the club. Every time I lift, I fuck you in my mind.”

Xander’s motions became frenzied. He sought Spike’s mouth, he tongued whatever skin he could find as the cop moved, he humped the cop’s hip now jammed between the bars. “It doesn’t have to be in your mind… just do it, pull my jeans off, just…”

“Right… I’ll fuck you then.”

The accent… not at all middle America, combined with the insistent tapping on his shoulder, dragged Xander out of his deep sleep. He found himself clinging to Spike, one leg thrown over his side, erection pressing against Spike’s thigh. “What?!?” His heart was hammering against his ribs. “You just interrupted a VERY good dream.”

“Sorry. Thought you’d like to open your Christmas present.” Spike drawled, turning on the light on the nightstand and shaking a perfectly wrapped gift.

Xander’s eyes flicked to the clock. “It’s 3 a.m. We don’t open gifts until morning, what’s the matter with you?” Damn it… he’d wanted the ending of that dream, it had been torturing him. Each time cop Spike showed up, they were that much closer to going all the way.

“Oh, I think you’ll want this one. Good dream, was it?” Spike slid his hand between their bodies to make a point.

Xander felt his face heat up but didn’t move away. “Gonna close my eyes and hope it comes back.

“Open the bloody box.”

“All right!” Wiping the sleep from his eyes and untangling himself from Spike, Xander sat up and started to open it. “Jeez… what’s gotten…”

“Thought you’d like it,” Spike all but gloated as the silver handcuffs, sheriff’s badge and rent-a-cop uniform were revealed.

“Spike… I….”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. Every night, it’s fuck me officer, yes Sir, just like that… so…”

He was mortified, and yet…. Touching the cuffs made him go rock hard again. “Put it on, the uniform…”

“Too lazy and let’s leave something for Christmas day, but…” there was a bit of a struggle, followed by the sound of a bracelet tightening, and Spike was looking down at Xander stretched out on the bed, hands cuffed up to the metal rails of the headboard. He dragged the covers down to his ankles, dropping his gaze to Xander’s tenting shorts. “Ah… “

Xander swallowed hard. “Did I really say all that… Spike? Or is this your way of making sure we keep things fresh so it doesn’t get boring…” he started to fret, nothing new there.

“Haven’t been bored a minute in all the years we’ve been together, yeah?” Spike leaned down and kissed Xander’s graying temples. “Except that one time you made me watch Spiderman… never seen a flatter hero …”

“But that got you to kiss me upside down, like Spiderman…”

“Mmm, did that.” Spike ran his hand over Xander’s corded muscles. He might not be a young buck anymore, but he’d kept his physique. “Now where were we?”

“Huh? We’re just starting…”

“You and your cop seemed like you were close to finishing, mate, I know these things. You know how you were begging him, you’d best be begging me louder, you know how jealous I get…”

“Spike he was… he was you, and…”

“Look at me. You’re in my city, my prison now. You do what I say, and you’ll walk. Not asking for much, just a bit of cooperation.”

Xander’s mouth fell open, it was like night and day. His Spike was gone, replaced by the hardened cop from his dream. Had he really been that vocal about what he was seeing?

Spike’s fingers splayed over his abdomen, and then suddenly, he felt them go down his body and in one fell swoop, his shorts were gone.

“Wh… what are you doing, officer?”

“Strip search.”

“P..part of procedure?”

Silence. He turned to see what Spike was doing, but when two slippery fingers entered him, he knew. In and out, masterful strokes… Spike knew just how to get to him, and this time was no exception. Feet flat on the bed, he raised his hips, managing to brush his arousal against Spike’s chest, and groaned at the bit of relief.

Spike showed no mercy, pulling away and slowly driving his ‘prisoner’ out of his mind with just the simple motion of his hands, and the way he was staring at him… oh yeah, he knew that always got to his boy… his man. And he never let that talent go to waste.

“Please officer, more… more,” Xander begged, thrusting alternately against air, and back against Spike’s hand, closing his eyes as flashes of pleasure racked his body.

He lifted Xander’s legs up over his shoulders and started thrusting against his balls, lightly… ever so lightly, staring, wanting, willing Xander into the state he’d been in when he pulled him out of the dream. And as he listened to the growing pleas, the increased thrashing, as he watched Xander pulling against the cuffs, trying to find a way to get closer, Spike’s control came close to breaking.

Shifting, he adjusted himself and found Xander’s entrance with his own swollen member hot and hard, ready to go. The jerk from under him almost undid him. He pushed inside, groaning as Xander’s muscles closed around him, tight… oh so tight …

“Fuck me, fuck me,” Xander demanded, arching up, wanting everything his cop would give him.

Spike did. He fucked and fucked and fucked, until they both came screaming each others’ names out. And still they squirmed against each other until the last remnants of pleasure dissipated, leaving them warm and sated.

“Did you have a warrant, officer?”

“Didn’t need one. That was a knock and enter.”


“Yeah… oh.”

“Can I play the cop tomorrow?” Silence. “Spike… Spike! Don’t you dare fall asleep with me cuffed!

The End

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