Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC-17
Status: Finished

Summary: Spike. Xander. Smut. That pretty much covers it.

Warnings: Light drug use. M/M slash.

Word Count: 2998 (3000 if you count 'The End' :) )

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

Beta'd by [info]spikedluv

A/N: This was written for the BatPack Wank Challenge.

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A Toke and A Stroke

Truly Tazi

The heavy metal door flew open, slamming into the stone wall with a resounding ‘Bang!’. The vampire sitting in the old, ratty chair never flinched. He had heard the boy’s approach, smelled his scent, and knew who it was.

“Spike! Where the hell are you - you bleached menace?” Xander yelled, stomping into the crypt. He blinked, letting his eyes adjust to the lack of daylight, and searched the interior for his quarry. Turning, he spotted the vampire lounging in his chair. He walked purposefully over to stand next to the blond and glared down at him, waited, and then started to boil with anger when the other man just continued to ignore him. “Spike!”

Spike inhaled deeply, held it, then released it slowly. “Don’t need to yell, whelp. I’m sitting right here, aren’t I?”

“Yes. You are. Sitting right here, Fangless. Why?” Xander asked, fists clenching and unclenching, as he tried to remain in control of his anger.

Spike inhaled again, and held it. He looked up at the boy, the corner of his mouth twitching spasmodically before settling into a leer, and then exhaled while answering, “Live here, don’t I?”

Xander dragged a hand over his face, counted to ten, then counted to ten again, breathing in through his nose, and out through his mouth. The vampire watched with amusement.

“What I meant was, why’re you here,” he asked, waving his hand around, indicating the crypt, “when you’re supposed to be over at Buffy’s, helping us move Willow in?”

The vampire inhaled again, and held it. “Sod that, I’m not their bleedin’ pack horse. You want to spend your evening totin’ boxes of spell ingredients and women’s knickers, you can bloody damn well go right ahead. Better yet, the Witch needs help, let her load up the Slayer, she’s a right perfect jack-ass, isn’t she?” He exhaled through his nose.

“Spike, knock it off. You told the girls you’d help out today,” Xander reminded him, waving a hand in front of his face to dispel some of the smoke. “If you really didn’t want to help, you should’ve said so,” he added in obvious annoyance. “And could you, please, stop blowing your damn smoke in my face. Some of us still have use for our lungs. God, that stinks. What the hell kind of cig...Oh.” Xander’s eyes bugged out and he pointed at Spike’s ‘cigarette’. “Th-tha-that’s not a cigarette, is it?” he squeaked accusingly.
“Nope,” Spike answered, smiling, then took another toke, and held it inhumanly long before exhaling straight into Xander’s face.

“Hey!” Xander exclaimed, waving his hands wildly in front of him like he was being attacked. “Cut that out! A-and stop that. You can’’s not...what the Hell do you think you’re doing, anyway?” he demanded, clearly frazzled.

Spike raised a scarred eyebrow, then answered matter-of-factly, “No, not cuttin’ it out. Ain’t gonna stop, either. Yeah, I can. Don’t give a rat’s arse if it’s not. And I’m enjoying a good jay.”

“Bu-but, you, um, jay?” Xander asked, his curiosity kicking in and getting the best of him.

Spike rolled his eyes. “Jay...joint,” he replied, brandishing said item at him. “Some of the best Mexican Gold you’ll ever find in these parts.”

Xander took a wary step back. “Uh...”

“Come on, now. Not gonna bite you, stupid git. Go ahead, try it,” Spike offered.

“What?” Xander squeaked. “No!”

“Why not?”

“Oh, I don’t know. How about the fact that it’” Xander said, enunciating each syllable.

Spike looked at him as though he were a complete moron, then shook his head, sighing. “Harris?”

Xander raised himself up to his full height, crossing his arms over his chest. “What, Jr.?”

Spike leaned forward in his chair, staring him in the eye, and asked as seriously as he could, while trying not to laugh, “Do you really think Sunnyhell’s finest, those same bleedin’ wankers what turn around and hightail it the other way and go for coffee and donuts when they see someone gettin’ their throat ripped out in the middle of the street, are gonna come here, to this cemetery, to my crypt, so they can arrest a vampire and his pet idiot for gettin’ stoned?”

“Hey!” Xander said indignantly, placing his hands on his hips and glaring. “I am not a pet!”

Spike snorted, blowing smoke out through his nose, and then started laughing helplessly. “O-okay, Harris. Wha-whatever you say.”

Xander watched the hysterically laughing vampire in confusion, and then flushed a brilliant shade of red when his mind finally caught up. “Oh. Just. Shut. Up.”

Spike took a deep breath, trying to calm himself, and wiped away a tear that was threatening to fall from the corner of his eye. “Right, then.” He used his booted foot to pull over an empty crate he had been using as an end table. “Pull up a seat, whelp. Let uncle Spike teach ya how to cut loose, yeah?” He looked down at his hand and realized he had lost what was left of his roach during his laughing fit. Shrugging it off as no big deal, he reached over and pulled a cigarette tin out of the pocket of his duster. He opened the tin and extracted another joint.

Xander watched the vampire with trepidation. He thought about the girls waiting at Buffy’s, and all the boxes he would inevitably end up carrying into the house and up the stairs himself, while they stood around gossiping and giving him orders on where to put things. Spike was right; not how he wanted to spend his evening. He looked at the joint in Spike’s hand; watched with interest as he held it between his lips and lit it; inhaling deeply, and held his breath for a few seconds before letting it out. What the hell, he thought. Can’t really hurt, right? He sat down on the crate and accepted the joint when Spike handed it to him.

“Careful now, whelp,” Spike advised. “This is your first time, yeah? Don’t want to choke and waste it. Just inhale slow and easy at first. Only take a little until ya get used to it.”

Xander placed the joint between his lips, hesitated a moment, and then with a determined look on his face, inhaled. He listened to Spike’s instructions, inhaling slowly. He felt the smoke enter his throat and then his lungs. The sensation was odd, but not unpleasant. He tried to hold it in like Spike had, but his body panicked, demanding he breathe, and he choked, expelling the smoke.

He looked at Spike, who was nodding approvingly. “It’s okay, Pet. You’re doin’ good. Give yourself time to get used to it, yeah? Go on, try again. Remember, slow and easy.”

Xander did as he was told. He inhaled slowly, held it, then let it out smoothly. No problem. He couldn’t help the goofy grin that spread across his face, and it must have been contagious, because when he glanced at Spike, the vampire had a matching grin on his face.

“All right. Now you got it,” Spike congratulated him. “’Kay, now, hit it again and pass it here.”

“Hit it?” Xander asked, looking confused.

Spike sighed, and rolled his eyes again. “Take another drag, another toke...oh, bloody hell, just smoke it and pass it back! I can see I have a lot to teach you. Glad ‘m not gettin’ any older here.”

“Okay, okay. I got it,” Xander said, nodding his head and waving his free hand dismissively at the other man. “Keep your cool, Jr.” He took another hit, and then passed it to Spike.

Spike took the joint from Xander, hit it a couple of times, and then passed it back. He got up from his chair, and sauntered over to the mini-fridge he kept in the corner of his crypt. He snagged a couple bottles of beer, and handed one off to Xander before languidly settling back into his chair. He vamped out, used his teeth to pop the top off the bottle, then let his human guise fall back into place before taking a big swallow. He looked up questioningly when he heard Xander snort. “What?”

“You know...Spikey,” Xander said with a pained expression on his face, as he fought not to giggle. “That little...trick...heh...would be sooo much more impre-impressive if these we-weren’t twist off bottles,” he finished, as the giggles completely overtook him.

“Spikey?” Spike asked slowly, an incredulous expression on his face.

Xander took one look at the expression on the vampire’s face and lost it; laughing so hard tears formed in his eyes. The joint slipped from his fingers onto the floor of the crypt, and he clutched his sides in pain.

Spike closed his eyes, praying to the deity of everything unholy for strength, then bent over to retrieve what was left of the joint. He sat up and took in the boy’s appearance; glassy eyes that were slightly pink where they should be white, and flushed cheeks. “I think you’ve had enough of this for now...Xanny,” he said mockingly. “Drink your beer, whelp, and try not to get on my nerves, or I’ll toss your droopy arse out, and leave ya to make your own way home without becomin’ some demon’s tasty treat.”

“Nummy,” Xander said, wiping the tears off his cheeks with his shirt sleeve. He blinked away the tears that were clinging to his lashes, and smiled at Spike. He was definitely feeling good right now.

The hand with the joint stopped just short of Spike’s mouth. “What’s that?” he asked in confusion.

“Nummy,” Xander repeated, an impish twinkle in his eyes. “I’m a nummy treat.”

Spike held the other man’s gaze, and a mischievous twinkle specked with gold flecks filled his eyes, accompanied by a leer as the memory clicked in his drug-hazed mind. “Mm, yeah, a moist and delicious li’l nummy treat, ain’t that right, Pet?”

Xander’s pupils started to dilate, and Spike’s nostrils flared as the pheromone level in the crypt spiked. Xander licked his lips and panted, “Damn, right.”

Spike mimicked the movements of the other man’s tongue, licking his own suddenly dry lips. His eyes flashed solid gold for a second, then settled into a deep, almost midnight blue as lust pervaded him. He leaned forward in his chair, and growled, “Come ‘ere.”

Looking somewhat dazed - whether from the drugs, or the air permeated with their lust was unclear - Xander slowly leaned forward, never taking his eyes off the vampire in front of him.

Spike turned what was left of the joint around, and slid it between his lips lit end first. He moved closer to Xander until their noses were almost touching, never losing eye contact. He cupped his hands around their mouths and noses, and then blew through the joint gently.

Xander instinctively inhaled the smoke as Spike blew it towards him. When his lungs were full, he fisted his hand in Spike’s hair, and pressed his lips firmly against the other man’s mouth. The touch was electrical, and both men moaned. They broke away long enough for Xander to exhale the smoke from his lungs, and Spike to pull the roach from his lips, tossing it away on the crypt floor without care.

Spike growled, and claimed Xander’s mouth forcefully with his own, thrusting his tongue between the younger man’s slightly parted lips. Xander whimpered at the intensity of the kiss, but pressed into it more deeply, instead of pulling away. Spike pulled him from the crate into his lap, forcing Xander to straddle his legs. Xander’s tongue fought the vampire’s for dominance, but quickly submitted to the other man’s superior strength and experience.

Xander worked his hand up under Spike’s black t-shirt. He found one of the vampire’s nipples and pinched it, rolling it between his fingers. The vampire growled appreciatively, so he pushed his other hand beneath the t-shirt. Finding the second nipple, he gave it the same treatment.

Spike reacted by sliding his hands down Xander’s muscular back, gripping his ass hard enough to leave bruises, and pulling him in closer, pressing their hardening cocks together. Even through two layers of denim, the sensation was enough to cause both men to groan. Spike kneaded the firm flesh of Xander’s buttocks, clenching and unclenching his strong fingers. Xander pulled away, gasping for air. “Need,” he panted out. “Need to feel you.”

He moved his hand down to the fly of Spike’s jeans and started working the buttons loose. His fingers brushed against Spike’s swollen cock, and the vampire hissed. “Pull me out, Pet. Wrap those hot fingers of yours around my cock. Want to feel your heat.”

“Shit, yeah. Want to feel you, too. Undo me,” Xander ordered, and Spike’s hand went instantly to the front of his jeans and started working them open. As he undid the last of the buttons, Spike’s cock sprang forwards, landing conveniently in the palm of his hand. He squeezed the hard, cold flesh, enjoying the feel of it against his much hotter, sweaty palm.

“Mm, yeah, that’s it, Luv, squeeze me. Harder. Don’t be afraid. Not gonna hurt me none,” Spike coaxed. He thrust his cock into Xander’s hand, and moaned when the younger man clamped down on his swollen flesh. He reached into Xander’s now-open jeans, and pulled his hard, weeping cock free. He wrapped his fingers around Xander’s shaft, sweeping his thumb over the slit, smearing the clear liquid across the hot flushed skin.

“Oh, God. Fuck. That feels good. Don’t stop. Just don’t stop,” Xander mumbled pleadingly. His eyes started to roll as Spike’s thumb pressed and rubbed the sensitive nerves under his engorged head. “Oh, fuck. Shit. Fuck,” Xander started to babble, as the sensations running through him took over, and coherent thought fled the scene.

“Like that, Pet?” Spike chuckled playfully, and then ran his nail along the large vein running down the underside of Xander’s cock.

“So good. Ungh, so damn good,” Xander responded, hips involuntarily thrusting forwards for more friction. Remembering the cock he held in his own hand, he shook his head, clearing some of the lust-filled fog, and slid his hand up the length of Spike’s cock. Fascinated by the vampire’s foreskin, he let his fingers play with the unfamiliar piece of flesh. He gently pulled the loose skin back, exposing the purpling head of Spike’s cock, and then pulled it forwards again until the head was almost hidden completely. A trickle of precum started oozing from the tiny slit, and Xander swiped it away with his thumb, then used the natural lubricant to slide his thumb inside the foreskin to circle the head of Spike’s cock.

Hips shooting up off the chair, Spike yelled, “Holy fucking shit, Xander! Bloody hell, boy, where did you learn to do that?”

“Like that, Pet?” Xander snickered without malice, throwing Spike’s words back at him.

“Cheeky bugger,” Spike growled. He guided Xander’s cock and hand until their swollen flesh was pressed together. Placing his hand over Xander’s, he started a slow rhythm. Cool flesh rubbed against hot flesh, the sensation sending jolts of raw pleasure and need through both men.

“Guh,” Xander cried out, his free hand flying to Spike’s shoulder for support. He watched, mesmerized as the other man gathered the precum, now flowing freely from both their over-stimulated cocks, and used it to slick their skin, making their movements easier.

Spike leaned forward and kissed Xander hard. He ran his tongue over the boy’s sweet bottom lip, and then nipped it playfully. Xander moaned, and thrust against him. Spike hissed in pleasure. “Yeah, that’s it. Thrust against me,” he directed, as he started to move his own hips.

Their hips started moving faster, increasing the friction of their cocks sliding together, and Spike tightened his grip on their shafts. Xander bit his lip and closed his eyes, concentrating on his impending orgasm. Spike slid his free hand down into the back of Xander’s jeans, squeezed his buttock, and then pressed his fingers forward, grazing over the hidden puckered opening. Xander’s eyes flew open, his back arched, muscles becoming rigid, and he cried out, “Fuck!” as he erupted, his seed splattering their shirts and covering their joined hands. He fell forward in a boneless heap, his head landing on the back of the chair. On impulse he licked the vampire’s neck, just above the collar of his t-shirt, and then bit down hard enough to draw a few drops of blood. He gripped Spike’s shoulders and held on for dear life as the vampire bucked into the air hard enough to have propelled him across the room had he not been holding on, shifted to game-face, and roared his release.

Xander waited until the vampire stilled, and pried his fingers from the other man’s shoulders. He relaxed against the cool body beneath him, trying to catch his breath, and placed his palm against Spike’s chest when he noticed the vampire was panting, too.

They stayed in that position until Spike stopped breathing, and Xander’s breath returned to normal. Xander raised his head enough to see the vampire’s face. “Spike?”

“Hmm?” Spike responded, eyes closed, body relaxed.

“Is it always that good?” he asked. Spike opened his eyes and looked at Xander questioningly. “I mean,” Xander continued. “With two, uh, men. Cause I’ve never...I mean....not that I, um, never thought about it, but I, well, I mean it wasn’t just the, um, drugs, right?” he finished, a worried look on his face.

Spike leered at him. “Tell ya what, Pet. Why don’t we take a li’l nap, you and me, and when we wake up we’ll give it another go, yeah? Then you can tell me if it was just the drugs, right?”

Xander groaned, and pressed in closer. Spike chuckled, and pushed his head back down onto his shoulder. “I said nap first, whelp.”

“Yes, Spike,” Xander sighed, and let himself drift off.

The End

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