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Jonathan Azbell

A Little About Jonathan

Resting against the doorframe is the body of a six foot man. Long black hair is tied back into a simple ponytail with a few escaping strands across his face. His face had strong lines that seemed to radiate authority. Jonathan's lips were pressed into a thin line, it was obviously that he was deep in thought it could be seen in his eyes. Those dark gray pools that hid the very depths of a Maelstrom to those whom looked within their depths. Never knowing that he shared that Maelstrom with another. They were always intense, not breaking their gaze until the object had been cataloged and judged accordingly. Underneath the surface their was a strange compassion, showing the pain that they have endured and unable to stop. The man's shoulders are wildly set, though seemingly relaxed there contained within the readiness to act at a moments noticed despite the supposed weight they were thought to carry.