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My Haven

3/18/04 Welcome to my domain. If you've stumbled in by mistake, don't be alarmed... merely being here is no transgession on your part. But if you'd like, delve a little further. I may desecrate this webspace further in the future, so don't mind the cobwebs...

The Dirges Of Cyberspace, slates... all delightfully graphic and graced with that rotten sense of humor!, crude, sadistic... flash games and movies that are sure to move you (in one way or another)
Encyclopedia Metallum--A very dedicated collection on thousands of metal bands.
BNRMetal Pages--Another great metal database., grotesque humor.
Steak and Cheese--This seems to be a recurring theme, doesn't it?
Cannibal Holocaust--Umm... click here if you don't have any issues with... yucky stuff.
House Of Horrors--An awesome site featuring some of the best in horror films and underground work. intensive look into the life of the outlaw journalist, Hunter S. Thompson