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First Jokers Card

Welcome to the show, the traveling ghetto.

No longer will the ghetto just be the slum that you keep your kids away from, the slum you drive through pointing and gawking at.

No longer will the ghetto just be that slum that you hear about on the news and think "thank god that shit don't happen around here."

If someone from this hell hole wanders into your "punk ass" neighborhood he is quickly noticed and harassed by some fucking pig or somethin', and shunned back into the home you've given him.

As you watch the kids play in the park on your streets you ever even think about the kids in the ghetto, you might say to yourself "do they even have parks?" "Do they even have kids in the ghetto?" Fuck it, that ain't my concern.

If you don't care who does? Not them old "jack offs" in he White House.

Shit, last year we lost more lives in Detroit due to urban violence than we did during Operation Desert Storm!

So for ten months we sat in the desert jackin off, spending billions on bombs and shit, while right here at home mutha fuckas were dying every night!

So if some sap stubs his toe in Cuba we'll send over a few thousand tanks to make sure his punk ass is OK.

Right here though, we are dying and killing each other off in our own country, because of what I call... Ghetto Insanity.

When A boy grows up with crack smoke being blown in his face, tripping over dead bodies on his way to school and getting his ass beat by an over worked, drunk father, chances are he won't turn out to be a doctor or a lawyer.

Instead he will become one with his environment, which is only natural.

If one is raised by a pack of wild wolves, he will act like a wild wolf.

If one is raised by a pack of wild crackheads, he will become a wild crackhead.

The only solution is to end this environment.

We must eliminate all poverty stricken neighborhoods, this way there will be no more products of the ghetto.

Instead of the U.S. spending billions on wars and wasting trillions on shit like rockets, Stealth Bombers that don't even fly and fucking Star Wars shit that don't even fuckin' work, they should be spending that loot on our own needs right here in America!

Instead of sending our troops to fuckin Guatemala, or some shit, bring them to our own neighborhoods in need.

Tear down all these abandoned buildings and build new schools, instead of these old ass shit holes they expect us to learn in.

Build clinics and shelters, fix the roads, build shopping malls in the inner cities to create jobs, give

us something to live for. This would cure "Ghetto Insanity" and free our minds! The goverment won't help though because it's mostly poor minorities that can't afford to pay their taxes, so they let us rot.

If the rich tax payers were killing each other, the goverment would put an end to that shit real quick, but it's not it's just us, so we rot and rot.

Years of breathing the souls of rotted minds, I have deeloped a bad case of "Ghetto Insanity."

I walk their streets and I'm stared at as a freak show, less than human, an ogre walking the streets paved with gold.

Twistid somewhere in this fried brain of mine, I have a plan.

If those of the ghetto are nothing more than carnival exhibits to the upper class, then let's give them the show they deserve to see.

NO more hearing of this show because you can witness it in your own front yard!

A traveling mass of carnage, the same carage we witness daily in the ghetto, can be yours to witness, feel and suffer. No longer killing one another, but killing the ones who have ignored our cries for help.

Free Passes For The Governor's Family! Like a hurricane leaving a rail of destruction, the ghetto on wheels bitch!

My views may be ugly, but so are the blood stains on the streets I roam.

If there is no change soon tickets will be issued to..... The Carnival Of Carnage.