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This is where all the members are listed. To become a member. E-mail Darkling Wing for the quiz, to see if you are eligible for a position.

1/15/02: Sorry, it's not complete yet...

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Dark Dragon

Age: Eons

Weapon: Omega Blade

Physical Features: Normal human, sometimes a black dragon.

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black as Night

Rank: Marquis

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The Garden Room

A colorful country garden room with an antique iron double bed and French doors opening to a corner balcony with mountain and garden views. Private bath.


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The Giant Oak Room

Bright and sunny with an abundance of windows and a spectacular oak tree outside your window, complete with squirrels. This intimate room also has an antique double bed. Shared bath.


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The Lovers' Suite

The Lover's suite is a large room with a romantic decor featuring a carved headboard and queen size bed. A bright private bath leads to a charming secluded balcony.


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The Monterey Room

The Monterey Room - a charming double brass bed completes this cozy room with a balcony enjoying both city and mountain views. Private bath.


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The Mountain View Room

This quiet corner room comes with twin antique beds and a beautiful view of the mountains. Shared bath.


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