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Once again I shall introduce myself. I am Alice. No, for all of you strange people out there, my last name doesn't exist. I am a graphic-making computer [dare I say.. geek] who spends most of my time online. I have two cats, a dog, a rabbit, and a few fish and other assorted rodents.

Livejournal has to be my main addiction. Though I'm not you average curse-my-head-off-in-a-journal writer there, I still find it enjoyable. I have few friends who read my crap and I find that extremely amusing [emphasis on the 'crap' I mostly just ramble on about how some book I recently read was].
I am also an extreme bookworm. Though I am 15, I still love childrens, otherwise known as 'Young Adult' books. My favourite authors are Jenny Carroll/Meg Cabot [The Mediator and 1-800-Where-R-You Series] Alice Sebold [The Lovely Bones] and Harper Lee [To Kill a Mockingbird]. I read just about anything. Tithe by Holly Black and The Dark Secrets Series by Elizabeth Chandler are also personal likes. Like I said, bookworm. Have any recomendations? Leave a post on my LJ 'Friends Only' Entry and I'll be very happy :).

My Graphics are pretty much amatuer. I stink, in other words. I still think its better to make crappy graphics than use premade ones though.
I also love photography. I rarely upload my photos, especially recent ones of myself. Besides, my rabbit is cuter, is she not?

I Guess I'll be lame and do what everyone else does: Here it goes, likes and dislikes:

Talking to someone nice on an IM, British Sitcoms, Posters, Halloween, Chocolate and Gobstoppers, Quill Pens, Diaries, Roses and Tiger Lillies, Calla Lillies, Animals, Books, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland things, anything Antique, Colour Contacts, Hair Dye, and stuffed animals.

Mangos, Algebra, Romance Novels, Pictures of me, People [cept the few I can stand], Gummy Worms, Lemon Drop Cookies, flat shoes, white jeans, all Fox reality tv shows, and non metric measurements.

If you wish to contact me, email or instant message me using the same address.