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 Welcome To My New Hack Website

For Diablo And Graal



 welcome to my new site i used to be a staff member for graal and also for diablo 1 not two though i get tired of being a

person who would jail or ban and also delete some peoples iP Address   for hacking and decided i should make a site just for fun and here I am... all you have to do to have diablo 1 hacks, and graal hacks is just

 Email me

all I want is a P2P graal  account when you email me show your username and password please.  and ill attach graal hacks and diablo hacks to your email if it doesn't work please inform me.........



oh and also email me other hacks  so i can update site,...

here is a picture of a some graal hack i used to promote this site take a look!!!

i am the gold one by the way!!!! oh and this is the unholy nation jail!!!


there will soon be a picture of me hacking on diablo!!!!