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Lesson 1

Gímiv Grammar

Welcome to my Gímiv website. I created this website in the hopes that people will someday learn to speak Gímiv as a logical language. As a student of linguistics, I am very much aware of problems in the phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics of many ‘real’ languages. Gímiv is my attempt to solve many of these problems.

Why should I learn Gímiv?

Gímiv is intended to be a flawless, logical language. There is no ambiguity, and the grammar is 100 % regular. Once you learn the grammar, there are NO exceptions to learn later on. All you’ll have to learn then is new vocabulary. There are no variations, no alternate ways of expressing anything. If we all learned to speak Gímiv, we would never misunderstand each other.

Who speaks Gímiv?

Well, so far, no one. But I’m hoping that it will eventually catch on.

What do I do if I have a question?

You can e-mail me at If your question is important, I will post it here so that others can see my response.

What do I do if I find a mistake in the grammar?

If this should occur, PLEASE contact me immediately so that I can correct it. I will take all such e-mails very seriously. Again, my e-mail is

What languages influenced the creation of Gímiv?

My main influences were Arabic and Ancient Greek (Attic). The infixing aspect comes from Arabic. Most of the grammatical ideas come from the Greek. Having studied quite a few other languages as well, I have influences from a wide variety of languages, including Russian, Gaelic, Japanese, Spanish, and Ancient Egyptian. Although these and many other languages have influenced Gímiv, I have not copied any vocabulary nor any grammatical function. Gímiv is a unique creation. Any similarity to other languages is purely accidental and/or unavoidable. (Viewer discretion is advised – just kidding.)