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Photo Gallery

The photo gallery contains pictures of wild and captive garter snakes. All photos (unless wherre noted otherwise) are copyright and property of the Garter Girl, please do not use them without my permission! If you have photos that you would like to contribute to the gallery, please contact me at the address below. All pictures are arranged by species. Click on the thumbnails for larger images. Enjoy!


Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis
speckle.jpg (54664 bytes)
speckleleaf.jpg (91423 bytes)overbite.jpg (48762 bytes)
Speckle was a neonate garter I rescued along with his brother Zeros in the summer of 2002. Unfortunately due to being born with an overbite, he died about two months later.

snuggle.jpg (55892 bytes)zeros.jpg (32769 bytes)zeros1.jpg (43119 bytes)zeros2.jpg (40559 bytes)

zeros5.jpg (46191 bytes)
Zeros, the surviving brother of the rescued pair, is a morph of Eastern garter snake with no dorsal stripe. He is currently growing like a weed and gets more distinct coloration with every shed.

redeastern.jpg (437265 bytes)redeasterneye.jpg (250194 bytes)
This rusty red colored Eastern was photographed in suburban Albany, NY.

Thamnophis sirtalis parietalis
lookdown.jpg (50287 bytes)
pilot.jpg (197281 bytes)pilotcurl.jpg (166088 bytes)
Pilot was my first pet snake. Although she is 'low-red' for a Red-sided garter, she has a beautiful color gradient in her stripes, from red on her sides up through orange, to white near the spine. Her docile nature has made her a favorite to be handled by children, and she eats like a pig!

Thamnophis sirtalis pallidulus
Maritime4.jpg (55407 bytes)Maritime5.jpg (51311 bytes)Maritime6.jpg (58479 bytes)Maritime7.jpg (51823 bytes)

Maritime8.jpg (54895 bytes)Maritime9.jpg (58991 bytes)maritime10.jpg (50799 bytes)Maritime11.jpg (57455 bytes)
Above are pictures of two different wild-caught red phase Maritime garter snakes in Maine. Both tof these are adult males.

Maritime2.jpg (45679 bytes)Maritime3.jpg (55407 bytes)
A blue phase Maritime female, from the same location as the above snakes.

Maritimeneo.jpg (2208395 bytes)
A very cute little juvenile red phase Maritime garter on the side of a gravel road in Maine.

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