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NCube Central - Gamelist

Welcome to the gamelist section of Nintendo Gamecube Central! This section is devoted to games that are possibly going to come out, games that are scheduled to come out, and games that are currently out on the store shelves. I hope that this section of this website will bring valuable information.

Gamelist Key
Black Text - game that is currently released in the U.S.A.
Blue Text - game that is scheduled to be released
Red Text - game that is possibly going to be released

The Games
Sorry, there are no games yet listed here on this site because of such a long time until the Gamecube is released (about October 2001). Be sure and check the news page often to get an idea on some of the games that may or may not be released. I'll have this page up and running by December of 2000, at the earliest. Thanks.

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