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The Sega What?
Before the Sega Dreamcast came out, many names for the new console were thrown around. You won't believe what name was thought up...

Sega Gamecube?

Yep. You read it right. The Sega G-Cube. That 'G' just happens to stand for 'Game,' which means at one time or another, Sega was considering the name of Nintendo's new system for its current system. N-Sider uncovered this bizzare piece of information from Sonic Team's Japanese website.
Yuji Naka, the man behind Sonic and NiGHTS, explained this phenomenon...
The Man Behind Sonic and NiGHTS
"It was at that instant that the name 'Gamecube' was revealed, but the moment I heard the name, I thought...Huh? I think I've heard that somewhere before. It was true - three years ago when we were deciding the name of the Dreamcast, the name Sonic Team offered as a candidate was 'G-Cube.' The 'G' stood for 'game,' of course, so I was a little surprised. At the time, the DC's external shape wasn't finalized yet; there were flat and box-shaped designs. I remember that Sonic Team liked the box shape more so they offered G-Cube as their choice. Oh, and there were four places to stick controllers in, too, so the unit looked a lot like the Gamecube. That DC used a front-loading mechanism for inserting disks, but I definitely felt some affinity between the two."

Cubes are really popular, I guess...

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"I think I've heard that somewhere before..."
Naka, speaking of the possible name for Dreamcast, the G-Cube