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Gamecube Comparison Fun
Despite rumors that the Nintendo Gamecube will be bulky, the pictures below will definetely prove those rumors wrong.

Comparison 1 - The Controller

The Gamecube's controller, by my opinion, will probably be the best Nintendo controller yet. And I am not alone; many people agree. The control pad and analog stick on the bottom sides may look uncomfortable, but that is not true. Sources say that it is surprisingly comfortable, and it seems that the control style will be easy to get used to. Though no 'Z' button is currently incorporated into the controller, there is still time now for Nintendo to add one.

Comparison 2 - The Width

This is a very tiny game console. As you can tell by the picture, the actual width of the system is even less than the N64. That's good news to me, because I value portability. But, many people think that the NCube's design is too boxy and believe that there could be more textures and designs. And as for me; I don't really care how it looks, I care how it performs.

Comparison 3 - The Heigth

This width of the Gamecube is what struck me the most about it. I know that a Gameboy is much taller than an N64, but the Gamecube is supposed to be taller, because of its cube shape. The N64 is short because of its flatter shape. This truly is a small piece of equipment.

Comparison 4 - The Mini-Discs

This is just plain cool. The mini-disc is even shorter than this picture of an N64 cartridge of the game Zelda: Majora's Mask. Rumors have also been spreading about the mini-disc's case that it comes in. If you own a Playstation, it's really difficult to place a CD in your pocket. With the mini-disc being so small, the case that it will come in will be equally tiny, so there will be no problem if you want to carry your games in your pocket.

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