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ISS Coming To Gamecube
Beautiful textures and a huge polygon pushing power from the Gamecube should make International Superstar Soccer score goals.

Konami's superb International Superstar Soccer series is coming to Gamecube, confirmed by Konami. "From the information we have got, Gamecube sounds fantastic - at least from what Nintendo has promised so far", acknowledged Mr. Yasuo Okuda, Deputy General Manager of KCEO (Konami Computer Entertainment Osaka). Expectations are high from many gamers around the world. The ISS series of games for the SNES and N64 were huge hits for Konami, and developing ISS on the Nintendo Gamecube will move tons of systems in Europe. In Europe, the ISS series outsold Electronic Art's FIFA soccer games by large margins. If you were wanting a great soccer game for the Gamecube, you've got your wish. Look for more news on Konami's upcoming games in the future.

Source: Game-Online

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"Gamecube sounds fantastic."
Yasuo Okuda, General Manager of Konami