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Nintendo's Tug Of War
Nintendo of America's Vice-President of Marketing says he's relatively calm about competitive future for the Gamecube.

Forbes magazine recently published an article about the Nintendo Gamecube, and within it George Harrison, Nintendo of America's vice president of marketing, said, "Developers and the market have pretty much dismissed Sega. We certainly can't ignore Sony, but Gamecube will perform very well against PlayStation II. Microsoft has the novelty factor and plenty of money, but no existing customers."

Harrison also joked that because Nintendo's offices are across the street from the Microsoft's, they could possibly "have a tug of war." Unfortunately, the struggle will be much more difficult than a mere tug-of-war. The Gamecube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox will all be fighting to maintain consistent sales numbers...a mixture that equals a tug of war for survival.

Source: IGN Cube

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"Microsoft has the money, but no existing customers."
George Harrison, talking of the X-Box