Gin Blossom

Gin Blossom de' Praetoria de' Shandell

Padding through the cobblestone paths and backwoods of the Imaginarium, one might catch a glimpse of a winged fur, white and pink moving quickly past in some hurry. An exotic feline with large arching wings and a compact, tiny but muscled body. A large white overcoat with dusty pink trousers, laces, belts, sword and axe and even a fancy tri-corner hat with a large plume. She is lovely and her eye has a wild, frisky feline shine to it as she pounces and snickers, full of energy.

While definitely eccentric, Gin is a very intelligent and learned woman. A conversation with Gin is a feat in itself, she often clouds her thoughts with nonsense and her thick North Sea accent does not make her easier to understand, but somewhere beneath it all is her point. When one does take the time to sort through her lingo, she has a wealth of lore to offer a listening ear and may even be very grateful for the company.

Name: Gin Blossom de' Praetoria de' Shandell (Gin Blossom is her first name, although she does not mind being called simply Gin or Ginny.)

Age: 22 years (Feathercats live to the age of 1000. If Gin seems a bit immature at times, don't worry, she's got another ninety eight decades to grow up.)

Species: Feathercat half-breed

Inherit traits

  • Feet fall - A given in any true feline race is their ability to twist in mid air when falling and land on their feet. As an airborne race, feathercats are even better at landings than a common feline.
  • Magic Sensitivity - Feathercats are very sensitive to raw magical energy, often reacting spontaneously and violently to spell casting in close proximity. Few feathercats cast magic as a result, but those that do must suffer penalties unless wielding magic in one of their dancing rituals. In Gin's case, her half-breed blood dilutes her sensitivity to raw magical energy, however; unless Gin is casting the spell herself, she may become a bit twitchy and nervous.
  • Reaction time - Feathercats are known for their quickness and dexterity. Fierce fighters in melee combat, both pure and half-breeds alike are dangerous opponents. With a high reaction to adrenalin, speed boosts are frequent as well as a swift reaction time without loss of stamina. (This is not a magical ability, it is an evolutionary trait.)
  • Reptilian charm - Feathercats have evolved with a powerful instinctive snake charm taunt. This taunt usually appears as a series of pawing motions into the air with an indirect gaze. (Does not require eye contact.) While the charm effect is known to disorient reptilians as large as dragons, Gin uses it more often for hunting the common grass snake and chameleon.
  • Feather allergy - A side effect of feathercat half-breeds is their allergy to feathers, including their own. Violent sneezing fits are common in worse case. Gin suffers from a light allergic reaction to feathers when brought in proximity of her nose.
  • Echo purr - Feathercats are airborne predators, preferring avian over rodent prey. Evolving with slightly longer sharp feline ears and a echoing, sonar-like purr ability, they are efficient hunters, able to locate their prey and see in almost zero-visibility conditions.

A feathercat far from home

Colonist from the main lands settled the small wild volcanic island of Tigre in the South Seas a hundred years ago. Its native inhabitance, a race of winged warrior felines called 'Feathercats' lived peacefully side by side with the colonist for many decades. Gin was born into this golden age, the daughter of the traveling duke, Praetoria de' Shandell and the Feathercat tribe rain dancer, Lauralwen. While her father traveled the world by ship and caravan, building castles and other structures, Gin was brought up by her mother to be a feathercat rain dancer and musician. Gin possessed many talents and interests in her surrounding world, and it wasn't surprising to her village when she successfully trained as both a rain dancer and warrior.

The autumn of Gin's 10th birth day came with an unexpected surprise as her traveling father returned to the island after a long journey to visit his wife and daughter. But the visit was not a leisure trip, Praetorian de' Shandell was forced to remove his men at arms from the island to be replaced with troops from his rival, the black Barron of Fargo. Praetorian had lost a major battle at Brutanica Island, and almost all of his kingdom's territories had been seized by the black Barron. Despite his best efforts to relocate his feathercat family, Lauralwen would not evacuate with Praetorian and Gin, and preferred to stay and fight the new oppressive magistrate. Praetorian couldn't not stay, his terms of surrender did not allow him to become involved, without putting many other captured lands in peril. Reluctantly, Praetorian took his daughter Gin and accepted exile.

The journey northward was long, crossing stormy seas through the channel of Norfare and across the frigid straights of Noria, and finally into the coves of Ethidoic, the pirate’s haven.  While Gin’s beginnings were roguish, she became wealthy at a young age, raiding along the coasts of Norfare in her ‘prize’ the Roger Young. It wasn’t until the kingdoms Norfare rallied an armada to track the wily feathercat, did her mischief and mayhem on the high seas come to an end two years into her piratical career.

The expanding ports of Noria offered new opportunities to Gin in the way of inland careers. Across the mountainous island, into the heart of the wolven clans, she ventured, learning the ways of the warrior, and renewing her feathercat spirit. In an age of chaos with their western vulpine cousins, Gin was offered a commission as commodore, and at the age of fourteen, lead the flotilla spearhead into Norfare waters. The series of battles to follow would later be known to the kingdoms of Norfare as “The dark times”.

Emerging from the chaos of the North Sea conflict, Gin traveled east, to the Spanish isles, where she would later meet her half brother Cerulean, and enter her father’s school of masonry, and would also receive a proper education.

(To be continued...)


Gin Blossom’s Equipment

Outfit & Armor – Gin’s outfit consist of several simple parts acquired over the course of her adventures and class changes. She wears a sleeveless white shirt with a white vest over it and pink trousers which are otherwise common ware she has preferred for many years.
  Knave’s Overcoat - Her overcoat is a finely designed piece of work which she had specifically tailored to fit her build. It is a durable white fabric with a spider silk inner lining which keeps the coat from interfering with spell casting. The whole interior has a removable wool liner and at least a dozen pearl buttoned pockets for various trinkets. The entire coat goes down to mid thigh, and has wide sleeves with leather harnesses for concealing small weapons and deep external pockets.
  Boots of Noria – During Gin’s adventures in The North Sea, she was given special boots which helped keep her feet warm while scouting the frigid wastelands. They are extremely comfortable white fuzzy knee high boots and have armored knee and shin guards. The soles of the footwear allow her to move around quietly if needed, but also contain retractable steel spikes for hiking the treacherous frigid mountains of the north. A later modification allowed four retractable blade claws to snap out of the toes of the boot whenever Gin flexes her feet claws, especially during kicking. A reinforced sole was added later to protect against spike traps, and steel toe construction for extra safety.
  Gauntlets of Missiles – A recent addition to Gin’s equipment, the Gauntlets of Missiles are a finely crafted pair of elbow high spiked, plated armor gauntlets. Gin only wears one of the gauntlets while wandering, leaving the other paw free to pick pocket without hindrance. The interior has a comfortable wool lining and special non conductive interlocking plates and treated leathers make them resistant to temperatures, electricity, acid and magic. When she clenches her fist a certain way, the knuckle plate armor retracts, revealing the three greenstones within. These magical stones fire (d12) green magic missiles, unguided in a general direction. This attack can be used once per round per gauntlet and each missile does damage equivalent to a crossbow bolt and will melt through most types of non magical armor. (Crafted in character by Xiang Laio.)
  Shoulder armor – Created from three small dragon scales and a series of metal banded leather straps, this finely constructed piece of armor is a war trophy from the battle of Fargo Keep. Gin crossed swords with a powerful knight and managed to clip off the shoulder guard of his dragon scale armor with a well placed axe hit. After the battle the knight fled with the others and Gin salvaged the piece of armor. While the type of dragon the scales comes from is currently unknown, Gin has put it to good use, and it has saved her from a decapitating slice more than once.
  Bolt-launcher Bracer – A simple bronze constructed mini-crossbow mounted to a bracer. The contraption was designed and built by Gin during her sea adventures on the Roger Young. While it only fires one bolt, it is small enough to avoid detection, and unless closely examined, appears as a simple ornamental bronze bracer. (Crafted in character by Gin Blossom.)
  Tri-corner hat – Gin’s favorite hat is a souvenir of her sea adventures with her father Praetorian de’ Shandell. It is a simple water resistant tri-corner hat with a buckle and a large white plume. Occasionally Gin will leave it bottom up on a barstool while she sings for the house. Send a coin her way!
Trinkets & Accessories – Gins collection of items are usually kept on her person, while in some cases she stores them away in a sea chest wherever her current residence resides. Many items were found, purchased, made or simply ‘acquired’ (pick pocketed) through out her adventures.
  Pocket watch – One of Gin’s most prized possessions is her pocket watch. An advanced multi clock wind up watch she had built with a mythril chain which she always keeps in her vest pocket. The item was an expensive piece of work designed to Gin’s specifications and has lasted her years with an element proof construction.
  Gin’s Medallion – Created during Gin’s reign of Pegasus Castle, this magical medallion is crafted with special whisper stones which allow her to communicate through a two way link to whoever has another such stone or telepathic abilities. Gin sometimes gives whisper stones linked to her medallion to trusted individuals, should they need to contact her.
  Armored Choker – Created during Gin’s reign of Unicorn Castle, this magical choker appears rather plain in appearance, with a banded leather strap and silver buckle. When activated, the choker transforms into an elegant, golden, form fitting aegis and mail skirt with a magical armor class equivalent to plate mail. The armor is immune to any magic lower than 3 preps and has a powerful warding incantation which protects its wearer against one fatal hit a day. (Crafted in character by Lance Cain.)
  Silver Flask – Originally belonging to Gin’s father Praetorian de’ Shandell, Gin pick pocketed it from her father to keep him from drinking. Ironically Gin keeps it full of strawberry wine at all times. The flask is a simple flat sterling silver flask with engravings of grape vines coiling up its sides.
  War Drum – While serving in the BlueMist Castle army, Gin was the unit’s musician and always carried a war drum with the strap over her shoulder. Occasionally Gin still plays during a skirmish, but she much prefers to enter the fight swords drawn. The drum is her original issued instrument, though the sticks have since been worn down and had to be replaced. The drum is well worn from years of use, but still in good condition. It still bares the markings of Gin’s original unit.
  Mood stone Necklace – During Gin’s reign of Unicorn castle, she was inflicted with a split personality caused by a restless spirit that haunted her as far back as her days in the BlueMist Castle army. This necklace was constructed by Cluey the castle mouse and helped others know when Gin’s personalities were switching suddenly with a glowing stone. The necklace is a very simple leather braid with a mood stone tied into it. (Crafted in character by Cluey.)
  Song stone Necklace – During Gin’s journey through the Goldwyn Forest, she came across a ruin with stones that played different melodies. She gathered the stones and wove them into a simple necklace which plays mysterious tunes. The necklace is a very simple leather braid with a dozen song stones woven into it from smallest to largest. (Crafted in character by Gin Blossom.)
  Soul Ring – When Gin married Ka’ Mang, he gave her a ring which was studded with a fragment of corrupted bardic stone that was infused with part of his soul during an accident in one of his many adventures. “With this ring, I give you part of my soul, and no mater the distances, we will never be far from each other.” Ka’ Mang.
  Chain Ring – A menacing black metal chain ring which when wielded, shoots forth two wild, lashing black chains with razor edged hooks at the end, and sometimes blunt flail heads. The chains are magic based and when broken, instantly dissolve back into the ring.
  Lock-Picking Ring – Gin found this ring in Tiby’s Magic Shop. It appears as a plain silver ring which when worn and brought into proximity of a key hole, immediately forms a key from its facets to fit the lock and open it easily with the flick of a wrist. (Odds of success are based on a d20 roll.)
  Raptor Call Stone – Courtesy of the Airship Corporation, the Raptor call stone summons a Sharhawk to arrive in 3 turns for a quick escape. The medallion only works out doors and assumes that the Airship Corporation is prepared to respond to the call.
  Soul stone – During Gin’s reign of Unicorn Castle, Gin finally managed to capture Perfect, the rogue soul that had haunted her for many years. This soul stone now contains the evil spirit, and she is still looking for a way to rid of the stone where none will ever find it.
  Hunter Sphere – Purchased from a merchant in Theropolis, these deadly devices are small glass spheres the diameter of a quarter. Acting on a type of seeking magic, the sphere must first be rubbed against the target or something that belongs to him prior to activating the weapon. This allows the device to catch the ‘scent’ of its target, and when thrown into the air, it is self propelling and self guiding, seeking the fastest route to its target. The sphere moves so fast that it is hard to intercept, through means other than magic. Once the sphere has found its target, it does one of two things. If the target’s scent is strong enough, it will simply fly straight into the target at high speeds, but if the scent is faint or uncertain, the sphere will simply detonate into a cloud of deadly glass shrapnel.
  Firefly – Found in The Sanctuary, this lovely little silver beetle shaped charm ignites into a floating ball of light when activated. It produces enough heat to be used to start a small fire or keep someone warm in the winter and will always follow the triggering furry until deactivated.
  Rune stones – During the construction of Unicorn Castle, Gin unearth several mysterious rune stones which possessed incredible influence over the five elements. Namely, Fire, Wind, Earth, Water and Spirit. Gin knows little about the history of the stones despite her extensive research in the past, and she only uses their elemental abilities when necessary.
Weapons – Gin’s weapons are kept on her person at all times. As a mercenary they are very valuable to Gin, and she makes sure they are kept in good repair.

Gladius and Sheath – Gin’s right pawed weapon is her Feathercat gladius. It was constructed by Gin’s mother when she was young, and is made of a special type of material the feathercats call rainbow diamond. The blade is semi transparent with a cloudy pinkish swirl. Because of the special materials used in its construction, it is completely magic deflective and immune to any form of magical alteration. Gin has been known to deflect magical attacks with a twirl of this blade and can cut through mage shields and barriers easily. (Duration of dispelling attacks is equivalent to the amount of preps taken to create the magic shield or barrier. IE. If a mage casts a magical shield and takes five rounds to strengthen it, Gin must attack the shield for 5 rounds with her gladius before the shield is penetrated.) A special sheath is used when the weapon is not in use to keep its magic deflecting abilities from affecting her surrounding area.

Hand Axe – Gin’s left pawed weapon is her infamous Norian hand axe. Its fire ruby edged construction makes the blade red hot when wielded and at times it can even burst into flames. Its hooked forward blade can catch enemy weapons and break non magical ones easily with a flick of the wrist. Its spear tip lets the weapon double as a javelin and its rear prying hook can split into 3 which act like a grappling hook with a chain loop for a rope under the handle. Gin has been known to break opponent’s weapons, or effectively disarm them, and can also create a wave of flames with a swing of her axe. (The flame wave attack is a simple arc of flames extending about a meter past Gin's arm length. It is non magical fire and quickly extinguishes unless igniting nearby flammables.)
  Butterfly knife – Gin’s handy butterfly knife is of a simple construction, completely metal with engravings of snakes along the handle sheaths. The blade is venomous and when its handle sheaths are secured with a small latch, is balanced for throwing. When all else fails, Gin has been known to catch incoming sword blades by holding up the sturdy wedge of the handle sheaths. (The poison inflicted by this blade is equivalent to a non magical viper bite, and is curable by normal means.)

Soul-taker – Little is known about this weapon, other than it was wielded by a series of vampires that Gin defeated at Diablo Castle. It is an unbreakable short sword which Gin only uses when her gladius is not available. It appears as a dusty, dirty old sword with a stained blade and a very gothic and necromantic construction. The pommel and hand guard appear to be made of an ivory like bone, and a bone rib cage wraps around the base of the blade. Within the ribcage is a realistic metallic engraving of a closed eye on either side, and Gin is certain she has seen the eye open and look around while wielding the blade in battle. It is believed when the eye opens; the soul of someone dying nearby is captured into the blade. However, this has never been confirmed, and after her experience with Perfect, the rogue soul, Gin is reluctant to experiment.

Casting Dagger – Gin’s ritual dagger is a crude hand carved shard of bloodstone wrapped in leather straps. Gin only uses this blade when casting compass rounds, but the history of the blade is much darker. Tales of an age of sacrifices on her home island of Brutanica say that this magical dagger was used to kill countless furrys and ferals. When blood is spilt on the blade, it immediately absorbs the blood and produces magical energy which can be channeled for ritual purposes.

  Gin's Spell Book
(Currently being written)