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Shadows engulf the thick ranges of woodland as the silhouette of a faceless creature sprints across the darkened tundra. The animals gait was executed in long leaps, and the distance covered with each bound was, indeed, quite amazing. Your gaze trails the “thing’s” form, realizing its fast approaching. Behind it four other ebon shadows loomed, gaining on the lone form. And suddenly, the first figure did the strangest of things, apparently ramming it’s self into a large boulder near by, though no yelp was heard, no body seen-for now only silence penetrated the air. Your body tensesed, as you desperately search to find the vanished form, though only making out the retreating frames of the four others. Seeing no need to pay anymore heed-about to continue on your expedition when-

"Name yourself," whispered a strange voice from behind. It was, rather indescribable, for even in such a sort vocalization, at such a low secretive tone, the sopranos was still…entrancing. Carefully you turn to confront the creature, and at first all you see is a thick cloud of musty fog-heavily scented with rose buds and lavender. Than, as the cloud dematerialize the queerest lupin meets your gaze. A rather dainty framed femme with a thick coat of lustrous ashen hued plumage to which around her mitts, tassel and under coat dissolved into an untainted alabaster; so vibrant if compared, snow would seem gray. Thou alas your courage is sought and you gaze travels to her eyes; meeting two voids of lavender than swirled with an inner storm-an inner pain.

A meaningless grin crossed her sleek mug as she repeats her question.

"#username" you replied softly.

"Well #username, tis a pleasure to meet you. You to never tell another of what you witnessed tonight...I must depart," with that her frame bounded off, her gait matching the featureless that had been pursued -silverin plumage glittering with the glory of dusk’s stars.

"Wait!" You call out to her, hoping to find out who she was and what had been chasing her. But there was nothing to be seen but the emerald foliage, and nothing to be heard but the silence of the night. Was it real?


† name Lehonga Liu
† alias Lei, Hong, Feng
† watcher louisa
† nation Asia-China
† dame lost
† sire lost
† siblings to be found...
† beloved none
† offspring none
† best friend none
† passion none
† obsession none
† pack tranquil
† personal solemn, noble, affectionate, gentle, sympathetic tinted with common sense.
† rped quad-anthro-human


† level #LEVEL
† strength #STRENGTH
† defence #DEFENCE
† agility #MOVE
† hitpoints #CURRENT_HP/#MAX_HP
† intelligence #INTELLIGENCE
† status training-battles:closed








Love: A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward another, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness.

Perhaps someday, somewhere, someone might arise as her love. Though at the moment her expectations are low.







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Entrée Number 1-coming