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~AbOuT mE
Name - Maddie, but you can call me OscarBay or even Oscar

Age - 14

Horses - 2, Oscar and Dee Jay

Best friends - Emma, Emma, Lindsey and Ruby

Hobbies - Horse riding *duh*, eh...dancing, sometimes, gymnastics.

Favourite colour of horses - black and piebald...and bay is nice too.

Favourite type of horse - Arabian

Favourite names for horses - Oscar and Dee Jay *obviously* but i like the names:








Favourite colour - Blue/Purple

Eye colour - Green/brown

Fav films - 'Bring it on!', 'Black Beauty'

Fav tv shows - 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here!!!' and 'Big Brother'

StAbLe BuDdIe'S:

Jessi (1602947) - Dee Jay is boarded at her stable, and she's a great person

WeLcOmE tO oScArBaY's StAbLe!!!

Hi and welcome to my part of my horses Stables!!! I DO NOT stable horses, train horses or breed horses ok? But i'd love to hear from you and please check my horses out coz they're gorgeous!!!!

Loadsa Luv



Right, i'll use this space to post your messages if you decide to send me a message. *But I bet you won't *sniff* If you send me one about anything I will post it here to show my appreciation. Maybe If you want me to post a picture of you or your horse here? Or a story to send in? Whatever I will be glad to have here!


I DO NOT stable horses here! Just to get that off my chest!



Adopted Dee Jay


Right erm updates...lets see....Not much happening really, nothing much to say!!!P.S Happy Valentines day!


I adopted Oscar. Have a look he's so cute!!! I love him

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