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Area Site to See

Downtown  Mineola

Lake Hallbrook (see Map)

Canton First Monday

Eagle Watching 


Area Motels


If you would like to place a link here just contact me.



Local Business

List below is linked to a map to help you hop around.

Reid's Truck Stop 


Wilson's Grocery and Hardware

Mineola Wal-Mart

Mineola Brookshire

Emory Brookshire

Lake Country Bank (ATM)

Area Services

If you want your service here contact me.


We cook for a hundred good friends a day, if you can't hop in we understand.

Fish are bite 'in, tadpoles are flop 'in, and time is not on your side.

But jump in and take a load off your feet anytime.  

We will still be

hop 'in around. 

Area Events

Every 4th Saturday we can be found at the Blue Grass Show in Quitman at the Carroll Green Center.