Polangui Albay
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Polangui...Just Reminiscing...

Ramon Ragual & Family
Mi Familia

Hi, My name is Dulce Ragual Severo. I'm the only daughter of Ramon Samalea Ragual and Dehlia Madrid Ragual. I have two younger brothers, Ramon Marcelo Ragual and Raymund Michael Ragual. Though my brothers are all grown up, I can't help to think that they are still my cute little brothers that I adore so much. I guess that's how an older sister suppose to feel about their siblings.

I now live in California, though I have every intention to go back in Polangui once I have my feet off the ground. There are so many things that I miss back home. Aside from missing my family, I miss the tocinos and the longanizas Auntie Garet makes everyday. If you ever visit our little town of Polangui don't forget to swing by the market to taste these homemade specialties. If not, drop by my Uncle Nomers cozy little carenderia where family secret menus are served.

Igmedio and Maria Ragual, my grandparents, used to own the "Del-Sion" restuarant...where my Dad and his siblings all learned how to cook our family recipes. I myself have something to show in this field though my brothers surpass my talents. I guess that's what I get for not being around.

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