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Character Bio #1?

Name: Laicrist Airefuinien
Age: 18
Species: Tiger/wolf furre
Race: Elven/Demon/ Moon Unicorn
POB: Asaldolaith
Current Residence: Some place in the woods.
Family line: Mostly Monarchy, whether it comes from hell or more pleasant places.
Eyes: Innocent, deep, yet melancholy; an ice-blue color, dark lashes contrasting with them greatly. They tend to show most of Lai's emotional feelings, often being her only give-away at any emotion at all.
Hair: Usually worn long unless grieving, or unless Lai simply feels like cutting it. Ivory tendrils touched by different shades of violent, soft, silky, and usually at mid back. Usually some of it is braiding, a crimson feather incorporated all the time, unless the task puts the feather at risk.
Fur: Pale Orange.
Markings: Ebon stripes, some scars, some actual tiger stripes.
Overall Face: A face like that a doll maker would attempt to put in a lady doll, innocent, beautiful, seemingly unmarred. It seems exotic, different somehow, a trait that couldn't really be named.
Build: Lanky.
Height: 5'11
Weight: Model thin? =P
Interests: Singing, Drawing, Writing, Reading, Travelling, and Astrology. Likes to spar, similair to excersizing one's energy out, it's her excersize for any urge to cause pain.
Marital Status: Taken, and happy to be so. Weapons: None, she usually only uses her magic, though from her past life she does know how to handle a sword.

What Lai might look like, if she where human (imagine the hair color as somethign else, of course.)

Just a drawing- this was done late at night, so ignore how crappy it is... XP