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The Provisionists View:


The incident of the Donner Party occured in the early eighteen hundreds, fascinating America then, and it continues to allure us, in the modern times. Perhaps it's the horrendous concept of eating one's own kind- Perhaps it's the grief, feeling the sorrow of the survivors of the party, or perhaps it puts fear into us- to assure that history shall not repeat itself.

A good way to assure that history does not repeat itself is to provide well on future expiditions- if there need be expiditions. And Provision, is that the job a provisionist has.

We hope you enjoy this page, and learn much from it.

Modern Neccesities... And Neccesities of the olden days If we don't want the Donner Party's situation again, the right provisions would be vital.
If this situation where in modern times, some good things to bring would be:
1. A map.
2. A Compass
3. Flashlight/ Headlamp
4. Extra Food
5. Extra Clothing
6. Sunglasses
7. First Aid supplies
8. Pocket Knife
9. Matches
10. Fire Starter

However, back then, what they would've brought was:
1. A map
2. A compass
3.A wagon
4.Extra Food
5.Extra Warmth
7. Axes, Hammers, Nails, and other such tools.
8. Chains and Ropes
9. A gun of some sort.
10. Lanterns

The Donner Party used Pairie Schooners to venture Westward, on the Oregon Trail.

Oxen, Horses, Mules, and other such livestock where often brought along. Oxens and horses as transporation, on the occasion 6-8 animals pulling a wagon. Other livestock might be brought along to be butchered and used as food.

Of course, not only food would have to be brought along. Clothing and other tools for warmth would be important.

Chains, ropes,and other such would be useful incase the Donner Party came to a steep area, to help haul the wagons uphill.

What we would've added to the supply list:
1. More dried meat, vegetables, fruit.
2. More Warmth
3. Small livestock animals to butcher for meat.

We would've brought these things because it may've saved them from hunger and cold, and thusforth they wouldn't have to resort to cannibalism. Perhaps it'd add extra pounds to the wagon, but more animals to haul the wagon could be bought.

A map of their route.



Map found at:
Upper Picture from: Chronicles of the Old West

Information: What we would bring now-a-days
What they would've brought
What they would've brought