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About Jeanie

Name : Jeanie
Height : 5'4
Shoe Size : 8 1/2
Eye Color : Dark Brown
Hair Color : Dark Brown
Hair Length : Goes down to the middle of my back.
Weight : 115
Siblings : Big Brother Jay
You have a bf or gf : No
You have a crush on someone : Sadly, yes...
You wish you could live somewhere else : Sometimes...
You think about suicide : ...
You believe in online dating : Not really, it's scary.
Others find you attractive : I've been told that I am by other people but I consider myself faceless so I can stay sane.
You want more piercings : Yes... Tounge, Belly Button, Cartilage, Eyebrow...
You smoke : Nope.
You like cleaning : Sometimes.
You like roller coasters : Yeah.
You write in cursive or print : Print, all caps.
Movie you rented : School of Rock
Song you listened to: Memories
Song that was stuck in your head : Headstrong by Trapt
Cd you bought: Best Hits of The Rolling Stones
Cd you listened to: Mixed Cd
Tv show you've watched : Fox News
Person you were thinking of: My dad...
Long distance relationships: For!
Using someone : Against.
Suicide : No comment.
Killing people : Against.
Teenage smoking : No comment.
Driving drunk : Against.
Gay/lesbian relationships : For.
Food: Pizza
Song : Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus
Thing to do: I dunno...
Thing to talk about : Life.
Drinks : Some many to choose from. Just kidding. Cherry Coke's great.
Clothes : Old clothes... They just have that familiar fit.
Movies : Chick flicks, horrors, and funny stuff.
Singer : Kurt Cobain
Band : Linkin Park
Holiday : Christmas
Disney movie: The Lion King
Scent : I dunno. Flowery stuff.
Word : Woohoo.
Guy name : Michael
Girl name : Elisa
Actor : Jonny Depp
Actress : Jlo
Have you...:
Ever cried over a girl : Umm... Over my friends that are girls. Lost friendships... Tsk tsk tsk.
Eever lied to someone : Yes.
Ever been in a fist fight : Does cat fighting count. There was a few punches in it... Yes.
Ever been arrested : No but collected.
Ever stolen : Yeah but I was like 5 or something...
Shampoo do you use : Herbal Essense or sometimes Garnier Fructus
Perfume do you use : Sparking Sugar and Sweet Honesty...
Shoes do you wear : Vans, Dickies, Reebok. Canvas sneakers rock...
Are you scared of : Everything.
Do you hate the most : Everything
Would you do you $1 million : Have fun and help people who need it most along the way.
Do you regret doing : Being mean and hurting peoples' feelings.
Do you regret not doing : I dunno.
Number of...:
Times I have been in love? : Pa-to-e with love.
Times I have had my heart broken? : What heart?
Hearts I have broken? : Millions... :P
Continents I have lived in? : 2
People I could trust with my life type friends? : 3
People I consider my enemies? : I want to love the world. So lets say none.
Times my name has appeared in the newspaper? : Three
Scars on my body? : 4
Do you...:
Think you are hot : Duh! Just kidding, I'm not vain.
Think you are funny : Yeah.
Think you are friendly : Most of the time.
Think you are amusing : Sometimes...
Think you are ugly : Nobody is ugly.
Think you are loveable : Sure.
Think you are pessimistic: I dunno.
Think you are optimistic : Sometimes.
Think you are caring : Most of the time.
Think you are sweet : Yes.
Think you are crazy : Yes!!!