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Last update 12/15/04

WVK&O SD60 #14 waits as SW1500 #49 switches cars at a coal mine on the NS Bluefield district.

The West Virginia & Ohio railroad is a small regional railroad in the Ohio River Valley and surrounding area. The Ohio Valley has many spurs and branch lines that the class one railroads deemed unprofitable and abandoned. Since the late 1950s however the WVK&O has been purchasing and operating some of these, and has bean able to turn a profit. The WVK&O is an unusual railroad as it has no mainline per say. Since the WVK&O operates many branches it must rely on run-trough rights with class one railroads. This means that you will often see a WVK&O train on Norfolk Southern or CSX tracks. The biggest business in the Ohio Valley and surrounding areas is coal. Coal is also the major commodity carried by the WVK&O. The WVK&O owns a fleet of 1400 coal cars, in addition to using the Class Ones coal cars ,cars owned by utilities, and cars owned by leasing companies. Wood products also make up a large portion of the WVK&Os income. The WVK&O operates local freights to the small towns and industries once served by the major railroads. Its common for passengers to ride on locals to more remote parts of the Valley. The WVK&O also charters passenger cars. All its passenger cars meet Amtrak and VIA operating standards, but usually do not leave the system. They are usualy used on excursions and company business. The most common locomotives on the WVK&O are SD60s followed closely by SD40-2s . Most of the WVK&O SD60s where purchased from EMD after being used by Conrail, although a few are Ex Burlington Northern units. The SD40-2s are also former Conrail or Norfolk Southern units re-built by EMD. The SD60s and SD40-2s are best used on long coal drags, or as helpers, but they are also used on heavy Manifest trains. The last locomotives the WVK&O bought new where GP9s. Recently the WVK&O has replaced four GP38-2s leased form Norfolk Southern with GP60s bought form BNSF, Three where former ATSF units and one was A Burlington Northern unit. These are used in pairs on locals or on wood product unit trains often with a cabbose. They are sometimes however used on Maintenance or Charter trains, although that job usually goes to one of the WVK&Os SW1500s , MP15s or GP9s. Other jobs these units handle are shop duty, switching, and locals. The future looks bright for the WVK&O, they may be in a place to buy or lease new locomotives again for the first time in over 30 years. The WVK&O is now planning to test EMD SD70ACEs and the GE Evolution series locomotives. Change is on the horizon for the WVK&O, but what the future will bring is anyones guess.

WVK&O SD40-2s pull empty coal cars on the P&WV

WVK&O #33 a SD40-2 poses for a publicity shot just outside of Parkersburg, WV on the Hamilton Norfolk.

WVK&O SD60s at a large coal mine on the P&WV

WVK&O F3s 23A and B with an excursion train on the P&WV

WVK&O SW1500 #22 switches cars at an interchange on the P&WV

WVK&O MP15AC #55 with a local freight

WVK&O SD60Ms exit a tunnel on the P&WV

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The WVK&O is not a real railroad company. It is a fictional railroad I created for use with Microsoft's Train Simulatior. This webpage has no affiliation with The Microsoft Corporation, The General Electric Company, The Electro Motive Division of The General Motors Corporation, The American Electric Power Company, The Norfolk Southern Corporation, The Consolidated Rail Corperation (Conrail), The Penn Central Railroad, The CSX Corporation, The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, The Canadian Natinal Railway Company, The Oakway Leasing Company, The Canadian Pacific Railway, Amtrak, VIA, or Union Pacific. The Owl Hollow Coal co. and any other railroad mentioned on this page is also fictional.