Vash the Stampede



Here you can view some of my photos. There are far too many to view all of them, so I'll be putting on new ones and removing old ones as time passes.

Here you can view some of my drawings. They're awful, so don't spend too much time looking at them.

Here you can view pictures of my friends. Each friend has their own page.. If you want one too email me.

Here you can view an online journal. This is an area of things that I am thinking about, beware, I am graphic and mean.

What did Steven Say today? Find Out!

This month Bjork is taking a break because I have recently gotten back into the BEST anime ever, Trigun. Bjork may return at any moment, though. This page is decorated in accordance with my mood. I'm a little edgy, so a violent cartoon is about right. Bjork will make appearances when I'm nice and calm.

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