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Cam Neely (vs.) Billy the Kid

Cam Neely are currently a Four Piece Band from West Chester, PA/Wilmington DE

We strive to play original music that is steeped in honesty. It is very easy to get wrapped up in trying to take music further and further into the outer stratosphere in order to do something "new", but we believe the best way to create is to create something you "feel".

This is Emotional Music being played by people who HATE "emo".

These Songs and Words mean something to us and are personal in nature. We hope that they could mean something to you too.

Cam Neely is:


We are playing the following shows:

Nov. 1st - Fennario's, West Chester w/ Alison Ranger
Nov. 8th - the Barn Door, Wilmington w/ A Year to Forget and Rescue the Past

For More info: