KM Digital Yearbook Form

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When your finished press "Submit" This is for the King's Men Digital Year Book.
It's basically an updated version of the wooden book we have from way back when.
It'll have pictures of the members and some information about them. Thanks!

First Name:

Middle Name:

Last Name:

Are you an officer?

If so, what office do you hold?

Have you held offices in the past?

If so, list your past offices. Include the semester next to the office.

What year did you join King's Men?

Did you jump to King's Men?

If so, what club did you jump from?

What is your classification? (Fr, Soph, Jr, Sr)

Write 3-4 sentences (or more) about King's Men
-- Maybe what the club means to you or what it means to be a King's Men.

Attach a picture of yourself