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Nik's Pics
Your picture ain't in here most likely I don't have your picture then...
My Diary
Hear my calls...
Checkout my neopets! My sn is tw33tybyrd18. Or get your own! Join the fun.
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Roleplaying is awesome and heres a chance to try it. I personally perfer AG1 over 2 but maybe that's because I was around 1 long before there was a 2.
Avidgamers 2.0
New and Improved! Roleplaying at it's best. Didn't like the design of avidgamers 1.0 then try 2.0. More choices and more organization.

Welcome to my personal site. This is Oliver his presence means a link back to this page. Simply click on him and you be transported back here.
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Explore my world. I'm Nik and this is my design, this is my time.