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"Since the dawn of time people have tested their wit and wisdom with test of wisdom and wit. In other words, they came up with puzzles. Puzzles are any logic-based games, from Chess and jigsaws to more contemporary games. Some are good imitations with new age twists, others completely unique. The bad ones are bad and the goods are good. That's all I can say. "

-Billy Bob Joe-

TheGames Pick your games, rated from best to worst.
Bug Juice was, in one word: a waste of time. That's four words, right? Anyway, its pretty boring and was kind of annoying, too.

Alchemy was an okay game. It had a few different difficulty levels, and a few twists in it as well. It is pure logic, though, and doesn't have a true "amusement" side.

This game was a nice game. It had classic puzze game logic. Rules? Make 3 of the same diamonds next to eachother. Voila. Its a fine old game indeed.
Dynomite is one of the best puzzle games around! Super fun with lots of twists and turns that make it different from the regular branch, Bust-a-Move.