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Smack the penguin is a classic penguin smacking game. It lets you get your anger out on something fictional. I give it 4 stars.
MARIO is a classic arcade game developed by Nintendo. The version posted on this web site has some mods on it. I give it 2 stars.
Donkey Kong is another game created by Nintendo. Mario made his first appearence in Donkey Kong.I give it 4 stars
Rampage is a classic game where you are mosters and you go on a killing spree. Dont worry it is not a blody game. I give it 4 stars
Ant city is a bad dream come true. In the game ants turn into 75 foot monsters and kill everyone. I give it 5 stars
Frogger is a arcade classic. In the game you are a frog trying to cross a buisy road. I give it 3 stars
Tetris is the oldest and funest game of all time. I give it 4 stars