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"Valiant heroes stand high above the bodies of his enemies, taking all the glory. What about the other people? The bandit? The criminal? The mentally insane? Aren't they heroes, too? No, guess not."

-Billy Bob Joe-

TheGames Thou shall pick theireth online quest here.
Final Fantasy. Everyone knows about it. The problem with this one, though, is that you need the expensive CD. It's good, but not free. That's the problem.
Avalon is another RPG game that is nice. It is perfectly free, which is good. It is highly advanced, and has a lot to offer as well.
Fandra is an old, old gaming site. Although not high-tech, it has millions of options is easy to learn, and easy to load.
Runescape is an online adventure game. Did you know that? Anyway, it is a huge site, with lots of options. You need a pretty decent computer though. It is really great though, with lots of fans.