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FunkyDo's D2 Goodies

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Diablo II 1.10 Files*
FunkyDo's PindleBot 3.4b8 [14-01-04] charslot bugfix!!!
ZoiD [PickIt]
Win32 MD5 Check Sum Verifier

Known Bugs
Health/mana chicken does not work below 46%.
Various problems for non-English installs.
Short path to pindle has a tendancy to clip the wall.
Long path needs to be straighter when merc is alive or isn't needed.
The attack position may be too far away for some builds.
Consuming a bit too much processing power in general.
Bot often doesn't detect when a merc is alive.
NPC scanning is a bit too overpowered at the moment.
Bot does not detect log in failures which can result in ban/detection.
Various health/mana detection problems.
The default setting of dCreateGame and dTimeOut is too low.

Please do not make post or mail me regarding these bugs.

FunkyDo's PindleBot Changes
PindleBot v3.4b8
-Fixed Qual-Kehk hire bug which would cause resurrection to fail if A5Q2 was completed.
-Improved NPC detection.
-Fixed potential problem which would cause party window to stay open during precast and on.
-Fixed potential problem which would cause pickup delay never to be hit.
-Added seperate precast variable for casting before entering the red portal.
-Added ability to deposit gold after so many runs. [See configuration file]
-Altered pindle attack position and item pickup coordinate.
-Added path to pindle for characters without teleport.
-Moved several variables to the "_expert_" section.
-Added direct path to portal if we don't need to visit Malah or Qual-Kehk.
-Fixed several merc and merc health detection problems.
-"dCreateGame" is now used on first game only, then pixel detection is used.
-Added option with "AwayMessage" to disable joining a channel after each reboot.
-Removed the "Channel" variable as it's rather useless.
-Fixed several D2Path and D2Executable problems.
-Added coordinate randomization.

PindleBot v3.4b7
-Moving/teleporting for item pickup is now automatic.
-"TeleToItems" variable removed.
-NeedMerc and HireMerc are now combined.
-Added an NPC popup delay for slower connections.
-Fixed two bugs which would skip over malah when life was below the set values.
-Added elapsed time and death counting output.
-Added chicken support during the item pickup delay.
-Fixed death/failure to quit bug.
-Removed act checking until another routine is written.
-Removed game creation delays.

PindleBot v3.4b6
-Added option to teleport to where pindle spawns for item pickup.
-Added option to set the mouse movement speed.
-Enabled the MaxDeviation variable.

PindleBot v3.4b5
-Increased the depth of NPC detection.
-Slightly altered final teleport location.
-Added various "TrayTip" status output. [Windows 2000 and XP only]

PindleBot v3.4b4
-Added "TrayTip" stat output at the beginning of each run. [Windows 2000 and XP only]
-Fixed chicken bug which caused D2 to shutdown well before chicken levels were hit.

PindleBot v3.4b3
-Fixed spell casting timeout bug.
-Fixed the bug which caused malah to be visted every run.
-Altered various paths and their run delays.
-Fixed spell parsing.
-Decreased the number of processes consumed during NPC detection.
-Reduced memory consumption by approximately 86%.

PindleBot v3.4b2
-Fixed error which caused attack sequence to be cut short.
-Fixed problem which ignored pickup delay.
-Limited processor consumption and number of cycles per second.

PindleBot v3.4b
-Added chicken feature for health/mana and merc.
-Added health/mana detection for player/merc.
-Added ability to hire merc and stop if one can not be hired.
-Added npc detection.
-Increased the speed of the program in general.
-Added various screen checks.
-Various timers are now a mimimum time that only fail at dTimeOut.
-Added process timeout variable to ini.
-Fixed difficulty selection error.
-Fixed the "clicking around desktop" problem.
-Added non-numeric game name/pass support.
-Added code to prevent character deletion.
-Trashed all the IPB code and rewrote using autoit v3.

Using banned CDKeys
This method was originally posted by Sindercats on BH...
1.) Click on and it will start too login too
2.) As soon as it gets too the "checking version" bit click cancel
3.) Do this around 5 Times, too many will give you the unable too connect message and you will have too wait 5 mins.
4.) Next time you you click cancel wait for about 2 or 3 seconds then click again.
5.) Login to one of your accounts and start playin

1.) Just use it as a temporary method until you buy a new cd-key
2.) This is for the most die hard diablo fans who cant not play. It does get VERY annoying doing it every time you login
3.) It doesnt always work, it can take a few tries too work.
4.) Every time you login too you will have to do this
5.) Sometimes you will get too the login screen and enter your details but it wont work, this happens when You press cancel just when its about too login
6.) After you log out you will get the "unable too connect message"

Edit: I did this method in windowed mode and low quality, havent tried it full-screen yet, im also using onlyers d2 loader. Worth with or without windowed mode

Edit2: works better without the 3 second wait before you login again

"Diablo Clone" auto-death bug
1) When you receive the "Diablo walks the Earth" message, take the WP to Frigid Highlands so that Diablo spawns in place of Eldritch.
2) Either lure shenk to Diablo or Diablo to shenk.
3) Kill shenk.
If the two bosses are close enough Shenk's death will cause Diablo to die as well. This also works with Blood Raven or any boss who's death causes the death of all monsters in the surrounding area.

[PATCHED- 12/02/03] Dead body rollback by Void
Only requires one player to achieve the rollback. Requires two for duping.
1) Player A dies exactly 15 times.
2) Player A fills up their inventory.
3) Equips any item and picks another item of the same time to their cursor.
4) Player A dies once more.
5) Press alt-f4.
Game rolls back.

[PATCHED- 12/02/03] Wall glitch dupe by diabloplayatr of BH
Requires 2 players, atleast one of them must have teleport.
NOTE: Player A should *not* wear anything that won't be missed. All body items will be lost.
1) Player A, w/ items, teleports into a wall glitch.
2) Player B, mule, kills player A.
3) Player A drops items and teleports to the glitch again leaving body on the ground.
3) Player B picks the items up and kills player A again.
4) Player A hits escape and gets C/I.
Player A then rolls back.

*NOTE: Any of the following may cause cancer, get you tagged, muted or banned from Use at your own risk.