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WELCOME to my little web page.


On this site you will find all the wallpapers/art that I have created based on the TV shows Hercules and Xena.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed making them. As you will notice

I am a huge Ares fan, therefore most of my wallpapers are based on this character.

Thankyou for visiting

Please See Updates for new stuff :-)


Last Updated ??/07/05



Most of the source images and screencaps for the wallpapers were obtained from other web sites,

including Mikes Xena Wallpapers, Spencer D's Vid Caps and Daniel Unruh’s Yet Another Xena Image Archive. If you would like to know where a certain image that appears in one of my wallpapers is from then contact me :-) A


Any questions or comments?
Contact Me Here


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This web site is strictly a fannish, nonprofit endeavour. These pages are not intended to infringe upon the copyrights of any

companies concerned. Most original source images ©1995-2002 MCA Television / StudiosUSA / Ren Pics.

Page design and wallpapers ©2005 beC. Please contact me if you wish to use my wallpapers on your site :-)

Many Thanks to the members of the abmx-h newsgroup for your positive encouragement,

in particular Michael Quick for posting my wallpapers to the group, Thankyou!