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In the middle of the 21st century many countries sprang into war. It is hard to understand why the war started. There was no defining moment that tipped the world into a battle greater than any of the previous world wars.
One rather powerful master mind commissioned brilliant scientists to help him win the war. He got them to create a disease that would enable him to rule the world. The disease was designed to break down human cells and store the cell memories until after the war, when he would re-create the human race as slaves.
The disease failed, and was dumped in a supposedly safe area. The war was winding down and the hopeful dictator vowed no one would know what he had planned and been prepared to do. He conveniently disposed of the scientists who created his failed brainchild.
But the disease escaped the dumping ground. Like a mutated epidemic it swept the world unnoticed. Instead of breaking down human cells for storing, it spliced and copied animal cells, and instead of storing the information in a complex machine designed to recreate the human race, it spliced the information into human cells.
Now, as a whole humanís donít change much when they are fully grown, but the disease was cunning. It spliced the cell memories into human reproductive cells.
The children born from these cells are mutated, part animal and part human. They have fur or feathers or scales. The are lacking arms, having fins instead. They are too obviously different for people to accept, and so they are dumped and left to die.
Someone, somehow, cared for a few of these children, raising them until they were old enough to understand what was good to eat and sleep in, and then abandoned again to the cruel streets.
20 years ago these survivors founded a hidden race of Beings, as we call ourselves. Hidden in the gutter we wait, and we bide our timeÖ